Governor Wilder in Dark Blue Suit

When Michael Rao, President of VCU, admitted that his Op-Ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on January 6, 2019, was not written by him but by the developer of the Coliseum project hope sprang eternal, in me.

Rao’s Op-Ed asserted “There is also a significant opportunity for business owners who have historically faced a higher barrier to entry to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. Companies will be able to bid on $300 million in contracts reserved for minority-owned businesses, the largest such commitment in Richmond’s history.”

I spoke of the fallacy in this Op-Ed by pointing out that “reserved” means “set aside.” This is specifically illegal based on a case against the City of Richmond decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Maybe, now, the “ghostwriter” of the Op-Ed can answer why he trivializes the trials and tribulations of those who have suffered historically with “piecemeal” offerings, all lacking factual credibility. We should expect at this point, in speaking of redressing the evils of the past, there to be someone who will speak the truth to the people who deserve and demand transparency by those in positions of leadership, elected or appointed.

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