It has been nearly two years since I formally brought to the attention of the Youngkin administration the waste of an estimated $100 million by VCU President Rao’s administration.

I called a press conference to convey this mismanagement to the attention of the people. After which, I called upon Governor Youngkin and  personally brought this to his attention. He said it was “a wake up call” for him and he promised to “dive into it.”

Yet he has neither addressed nor made any public mention in any way. How do these actions align with his words? Will Governor Youngkin continue to brush aside any inquiries about his failure to provide answers? 

I personally call upon you, governor, to do the job for which you were elected. Either you know who is responsible for this tremendous wasting of taxpayers dollars with nothing to show for it, or you don’t. 

There is nothing to be debated.

Stay tuned.

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