Douglas Wilder
Almost a year ago, the Richmond Times-Dispatch published an op-ed proclaiming that $300 million dollars had been set-aside for minority contractors by the developers of the Navy Hill Coliseum Project for the City of Richmond.
I responded, by first saying that I had not, at that time, and still so today, publicly taken any position on that project. However, I pointed out that such an assertion of $300 million dollars being set-aside, was not only untrue, but was illegal. Additionally, I called for a correction by the author of the op-ed. As of this date, that correction, clarification, revision of this deception, has not come forth. WHY NOT?
When I read recently that the Navy Hill team has hired personnel to pay some people to attend public meetings; to hold signs of support for the Coliseum project, and other false support, I was further disheartened. I thought we were past that.
It was reminiscent of Jim Crow days when “colored leaders” were paid to tell the “sheep” how to vote, and for whom, without explanation.
While we’ve just finished “celebrating” the 400th year of the first Africans arriving on these shores, are we to believe that false promises are the rewards?
As I’ve stated and shown, minority “set-asides” are illegal, as was ruled by the United States Supreme Court in 1989. (City of Richmond v J.A. Croson)
Is it necessary to mislead; to hold out a false carrot stick?
We are familiar with the saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  But in this situation, it is far worse because we now supposedly have “real” representatives to lead us.
Many have fought and sacrificed everything for the right to vote, the right to have representation, the assurance and faith in honest and transparent leadership. There are a few leaders, too few; however, the “Judas Goats” are here.
The “Judas Goat” was trained to lead sheep to the pens for slaughter. Well, the people are NO longer accepting being led to slaughter.
I have lived with and among the people. I know I have learned from them. I know they are looking for honest dealing, truth, and justice. I have tried my best to speak for them, at every level.
Join in demanding truth on behalf of the people. And let’s begin by demanding what is right and criticizing what is wrong.
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