Wilder 30th

America’s promise is aspirational as a recognition of the need to preserve and defend. It is also transitional, as it allows the unfulfilled to become reality.

To become “a more perfect Union” preached by Thomas Jefferson, is the implied need to make adjustments and corrections in alignment with that sacred pledge.

Being a “nation of laws” has long meant to me that adjustment is always required in that perfection.

Having lived with my family in the house my father had built just eight blocks from St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry espoused the cause and meaning of freedom and liberty, I was struck with the difference of words from actions.

I walked often to the church, and was warmly welcomed by the sexton, a man of color, who was always kind and informative.

I would ask my mother how Jefferson and Henry, both slave owners, could say one thing and do another.

Her quiet, usual assurance was for me to equip myself as best I could as “change was in the offing.” As usual, I discovered her advice to be prophetic.

We are a nation of laws, and we have shown the resilience to improve upon the “men” directing our course.

We are all subject to the defects of our virtues.

Collectively, we can reflect and be appreciative of the fact that the strength of the independence we celebrate this day is what we cherish and defend.

Happy Independence Day ??!

Stay tuned.

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