L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia

When I first entered politics, the hue and cry amongst those who sought openness in government was “Let The Sun Shine In.”

Actions by these advocates of transparency led to passage of the Freedom of Information Act in 1967, as well as other related laws and measures across state and local governments.

The laws were specifically established to maintain and expand the rights and powers of the people to ask questions and demand accountability by obtaining the release of government records.

The Freedom of Information Act states its purpose to “ensure informed citizens, vital to the functioning of a democratic society.”


Without these rights, the people of the commonwealth may never have discovered the tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars wasted at Virginia Commonwealth University through a failed real estate fiasco, which may  cost more than $100 million and counting.

Yesterday, I appeared on WRVA with Jeff Katz to discuss the shocking revelations about the waste and apparent cover-up of this deal by VCU. I encourage you to listen to the program.

The Governor’s Office has, apparently, weighed in on the issue, seeking ALL information relative to legal expenses for this failed project.

But rather than furnishing the full information, the so-called “leadership” of VCU has chosen not to fully comply with the Governor’s request, but instead to chop and choose what to release.

As the Roman poet Juvenal asked, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” or “Who will watch the watchmen?”

The people are entitled to know the truth.

Stay tuned.

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