The just released investigative report about VCU’s reckless spending of taxpayers dollars uncovers allegations of conflicts of interests among certain board members. It points to lack of transparency and lack of financial expertise on behalf of the persons executing the contract which President Rao signed, against administration advice not to do so.

Whose advice did he follow?

Why did he believe he should not be held to the ethical standards of sound business practices?

The independent investigation advised, “Other observations from the review included a lack of analysis about whether to continue with the project during the negotiations, and ‘insufficient due diligence with no site survey and ‘limited third party advisors assisting, with advisors called in late.”

Should we not know the names of the board members with conflicts and the individuals responsible for this fiasco?

The Attorney General of Virginia is the chief legal officer of the state. Did he not have supervision of the transaction from the beginning?

Does Governor Youngkin have nothing to do with this?

A post mortem is the legal determination of the cause of death.

We are in desperate need of learning what exactly stopped the pulse of this ill-fated venture.

Based on the clear evidence, we can all agree that leadership, from the beginning, was absent from the top down.

How, with so many unknowns, could President Rao and the joint boards proceed with such a costly, unsupervised project?

“Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again.”

Stay tuned.

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