L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia

The actions by President Rao and the “leadership” at VCU are deserving of scrutiny and accountable inquiry. I am led to believe that there is supposedly a “quiet investigation” of the budget, by the Board of Visitors, set for discussion June 14th.

If so, it is long overdue. I made that known to Governor Youngkin. I have also called on President Rao to publicly explain how he has the authority to waste over $100 million dollars for a conversion of a city owned building into a medical facility and get NOTHING, and expect nothing, in return.

I also discussed the lamentable situation at VMI. I spoke with reporter Janet Roach, 13News Now ABC, relative to the ignorance related to the definition of “equity” and the killing of “DEI” by Governor Youngkin’s Diversity Chief, Martin Brown.

You may view the reporting here.

The people of Virginia are in desperate need of leadership NOW.

Stay tuned.

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