L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia

Years ago, a populist politician, “Howlin’ Henry” Howell, former State Senator from Norfolk and Lt. Governor, had a famous expression, “There’s more running around in the dark than Santa Claus.”

He constantly called for light to shine in, referring to government and public affairs. Many of the things he fought for have come to fruition; they are referred to as “Sunshine Laws.” These laws require businesses and government agencies to maintain transparency and disclose their activities to the public.

If he were alive today, Howell would rail against what is taking place right in the Capitol of our state government.

More than $100 million (and counting) of taxpayer dollars are being wasted with NO explanation; the blast of silence from the so-called “leaders” is deafening. I am referencing two news articles – Richmond BizSense and the Richmond Times-Dispatch,  which raise serious questions about ethics and accountability of VCU and the City of Richmond.

The people are not powerless to seek redress.

I am certain they WILL be heard.

Stay tuned.

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