Governor Wilder Speaking

The casual occasional reference to the current pandemic disproportionately affecting communities of color is disappointing. The problem is much bigger than such casual references suggest.

Right here in Metropolitan Richmond, a 190-bed, long-term care facility, Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Facility has reported nigh unto 50 deaths. This is one of the deadliest-impacted places in the nation relative to the size and facility population.

There have not been provided any acceptable or plausible answers, nor demands for same, other than lack of testing and timely results.

The collective leadership has been deafeningly silent or not forthcoming with adequate resources and vital information to quell the concerns of the people.

There is more national attention to this dread neglect taking place at Canterbury than that given by our state and local “leaders”.

However, just a few months ago, there was a proposal for a $1.5 billion taxpayer-funded coliseum in downtown Richmond.

Elected and appointed officials in the minority community sprang up from out of the ground proclaiming the (proven to be false) bona fides of this ill-sighted and poorly planned venture.

Where are those voices for the helpless people in Canterbury and those similarly situated?

The problems associated with disparagement and neglect have been with us for years. We have tried to address them, but the Canterbury disaster is a stark reminder of the unfinished agenda and lack of commitment to the people that are disproportionately impacted by a poor display of leadership and dereliction of duty.

There is a continuing need, now more than ever, to demonstrate what is right and to criticize what is wrong.

Will the response to those asking common sense questions be the same as that given to those questioning the coliseum debacle, ”that ship has sailed”?

Stay tuned.

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