Why would a former Governor not afford the current Lt. Governor the time-honored jurisprudistic tenet of innocence until PROVEN guilty?

Terry McAuliffe endlessly touts as his main accomplishment the restoration of voting rights. But, that is no excuse for his thinking the people believe, like he does,  that you’re guilty without proof.

I don’t know the FACTS about the allegations to conclude and form any judgment and have not expressed support for the Lt. Governor or any candidate.

But to have a former Governor break Virginia protocol, proclaiming the urgency to save us from ourselves by bringing him back, shows he does not believe in due process and the presumption of innocence. It is a throw back to a time I thought we had passed.

Maybe, he’ll tell us what he learned, minutes after the allegations became public, to convince him to pass immediate judgment of guilty.

Does he also still think that Ralph Northam and Mark Herring should resign?

Stay tuned.

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