This week, I was a guest of the Jeff Katz Show on WRVA. We discussed the continuing fiasco of the failed Clay St. real-estate development deal.  As the situation develops, we continue to see shortfalls in leadership and accountability at many levels.

I encourage you to listen to the complete interview.

The governing system of VCU is broken. The waste of our tax dollars continues. The president and the boards have not addressed the conflicts of interests shown in the report prepared by the law firm they selected. And the glaring questions about the firing of Dr. Art Kellermann, former CEO of VCU Health, who adamantly opposed the signing of the failed Clay St. development contract, remain. Governor Youngkin, as well, has surprisingly provided no leadership on this issue.

The legislature has finally taken the lead in investigating this ever-growing crisis at VCU.

Senator Creigh Deeds, from Bath County, has expressed concern about how this waste continues, even after his meeting with President Rao this week; he declined to discuss what was said in the meeting, but expressed dissatisfaction. The truth will out. No reasonable explanation will come forth. What is disappointing is the continuing silence of those herein referenced.

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to have those seeking to lead our Commonwealth in the next election commit to righting the wrongs of today and demonstrate leadership?

Stay tuned.

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