We would be well advised to be aware of what is going on today to prevent our students from knowing the history of our country as it relates to racism.

In 2020, the students at VCU publicly demonstrated and requested that their curriculum include social equity, diversity, and inclusion in their subject matter. The faculty agreed, the Board of Visitors voted and approved this, and the administration incorporated the same.

Former Governor Ralph Northam initiated a million-dollar investigation at the Virginia Military Institute, which revealed that vestiges of racism and sexism still exist. Governor Youngkin’s administration has proclaimed that diversity, equity, and inclusion is “dead.”

Recently, the president of George Mason was called out for what they were teaching relative to what was being taught in DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) with no clear explanation or justification by this administration.

Just this month, professors at VCU, including the Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs, were ordered to provide copies of the syllabi of the courses that are taught relative to social equity. All of these requests are being made by Governor Youngkin.

Former governors do not welcome opportunities to question their successors. And I have strained to avoid so doing. However, I would like to know why the subject of race draws such criticism from him that he feels he must redirect what is and has been taught in schools —  long before he assumed office.

I am not aware of ANY governor believing that he possessed the authority to direct what is or is not taught in our public schools.

Governor Youngkin apparently feels students have little to learn when it comes to America’s long-documented history of systemic racism.

Protecting and safeguarding the resources of the Commonwealth is the bedrock of a governor’s responsibility. I would like the governor to tell the people of Virginia what he knows about the nearly $150 million dollars that VCU has spent on the Clay Street building redevelopment project, receiving NOTHING in return.

Legislative members have said, “We must get to the bottom of this.”

The people are entitled to know and wait with bated breath.

Stay tuned.

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