I have questioned where the MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars went in the failed Clay Street redevelopment project. I have asked the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC), the unit that is authorized by the General Assembly, to conduct such an inquiry/investigation, and found out that it will not be determined until they meet next year.

The story continues to develop as part four of Richmond BizSense’s continuing coverage of the fiasco was published today. 

Believing that it is among his responsibilities, I asked Governor Youngkin to formally investigate and respond to these ongoing improprieties, which may even be criminal. I have received no response to date. I have asked our U.S. senators and congressional representatives to give us the benefit of their offices furnishing answers to the questions. 

To date, no answers have been forthcoming. 

I now make this final request, which should have been my first outreach, to Michael Rao, VCU President: 

Dr. Rao, I would like you to inform the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia of the details of the failed Clay Street redevelopment project. 

The people must know why VCU felt obliged to pay the developers (the same who were used for the also defunct Navy Hill project) for the failed expansion of the VCU Health system. 

Who was paid and what was the amount of that payment? What was received by VCU as a result thereof? What are the names of all entities involved that had stake in or benefited from this payment? 

And why did you require ALL parties/board members to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) while conducting state business? 

Further silence on this matter explicitly demonstrates that you have determined that the taxpaying public and citizens of our state are not entitled to receive an answer from you as President of the university.

To that end, when will you provide the answers, or why do you feel we are not entitled to know the truths of this matter?

Stay tuned.

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