The takeaways from yesterday’s election portends some major questions. 

In the City of Richmond, voters were subjected to another referendum on Casino gambling. Our citizens said “NO!” two years ago; and yesterday, they said “NEVER” by an overwhelming margin.  Though outspent by millions of dollars, and the support of the Mayor, the City Council, and the unprecedented visible and public backing of many church leaders, the measure was resoundingly defeated.

With these voices speaking up on behalf of the Richmond community, just maybe, the “leaders” might begin to listen to the people.

In addition, Governor Youngkin was dealt his first major defeat by Democrats with the loss of both houses, the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate. One wonders if the results might have been different had he committed to and pledged to investigate key concerns, such as the estimated $100 million of taxpayer dollars wasted by VCU on a failed real estate development project. The people deserve to know the details. 

Upon finally reacting, he said it was a “wake-up” call for him, yet, has done nothing else in response. 

I campaigned as Governor, and won, on the issue of abortion. I never took a pro-life or pro-abortion stance; my position was pro-choice. It continues to be an issue that requires more than a “yes” or “no” position. 

Yesterday’s vote showed that the people are always ahead of the leaders.

Stay tuned.

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