L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia

I think it’s important for the people to know how our tax dollars are being spent.

I have NEVER seen such wasteful spending and dereliction of duty in my 50 years of being involved in politics.

It is essential to critically evaluate the new observations reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch after the release of VCU emails, where VCU Health leadership questioned the dubious real estate deal.

I encourage you to read the complete story.

For this to occur with no one demanding accountability is completely unacceptable. Former VCU Health leader Art Kellermann and others had consistently made known their concerns, decrying how “it was a bad deal” from the beginning due to financial and political considerations. However, the deal was signed despite protest. Kellermann was ultimately fired. The investigation of the matter revealed conflicts of interests also at the city level and among certain members of the board.

Did they recuse themselves from any discussions of the matter, as required by law? Did they recuse themselves from any voting?

There are two legislative members on the VCU Health Board. Did they also support the wasteful expenditure of taxpayers dollars?

The president of VCU is appointed by the Board of Visitors and the Governor appoints the members of the board, which is made aware of its proper functioning and operation according to law, by the VCU president. There is an inherent accountability in those who are entrusted to safeguard the interests of the people.

Before any future expansion or building plans commence, there is a duty imposed by law on those who direct that course “to come clean”. The people of Virginia deserve no less from its “leaders”.

Stay tuned.

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