Recently, I posted about leadership at VCU and the possibility of Governor Youngkin being AWOL.

In military parlance that is equivalent to being absent without leave.

VCU entered into a contract with a developer, the same developer tapped for the failed Navy Hill debacle, to build a medical facility for $350 million dollars; however, the deal fell apart. President Rao secretly paid $73 million, an amount that could grow to over $100 million, to avoid litigation. And he has now hired a private firm to investigate the matter.

For these millions of dollars, VCU gets NOTHING.

The taxpayers of Virginia get NOTHING.

I again call on the Governor, along with the Office of the State Inspector General to conduct an impartial investigation and report its findings to the people.

As a recently published RTD article entitled “VCU board did not know development deal was failing” details, the finger pointing by the Board of Visitors, appointed by the Governor, has already started. Who is being held accountable for this wrongdoing?? Is it the Board of Visitors or the Hospital Board chaired by President Rao?

We already know one person who is responsible and should provide a greatly needed explanation to the people.

President Michael Rao is that person and he must speak truthfully and with transparency to the people of Virginia.

The Governor of Virginia, Attorney General, and the Office of the State Inspector General owe the people of Virginia the truth.

If not now, when?

Stay tuned.

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