Wilder 30th

In the military, the expression used for neglect of duty is “absent without (official) leave,” shortened to AWOL.

In recognition of what has occurred at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), the chief administrator official is the Governor of Virginia. He appoints the members of the boards that select their presidents. An investigation ordered by a previous Governor, agreed with by the legislature, and costing taxpayers over a million dollars, concluded that sexism and racism continue to exist at VMI. Governor Youngkin has taken no known action to correct these practices.

VMI’s chief diversity officer just submitted her resignation amid frustration at some VMI Alumni and the Board of Visitors‘ refusal to acknowledge or redress the issues. This story has made national news.

Adequate health care costs are a problem across our nation. According to records released from a Freedom of Information Act inquiry, VCU President Michael Rao entered into a contract costing tens of millions of dollars, with obligations expected to exceed over $100 million. But NOTHING was received received in turn, nor provided for health care.

This money, reportedly, was spent to avoid being sued for breach of contract; previous healthcare authorities advised President Rao against this contract. Why was this advice ignored? What was it that had been done so wrong by VCU that it had to pay this exorbitant sum? Who approved the contractual agreement? There is nothing disputing these revelations, and nothing explaining the wasted millions.

All of these issues have been extensively reported by media and made known to Governor Youngkin.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported yesterday that anonymous sources questioned the soundness of this venture, years ago.

And, as of this date, neither President Rao, nor the Governor, has provided any explanation.

In military parlance, the Governor would be perceived to be AWOL.

I would not rush to judgment, but the people of Virginia deserve immediate answers, transparency, and accountability as to who can be trusted to spend their tax dollars, and if not, WHY not?

Stay tuned.

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