L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia

Jennifer McClellan has just been elected as a U.S. representative for Virginia’s 4th congressional district and I congratulate her upon this historic achievement.

Today, I endorse the candidacy of Delegate Lamont Bagby to fill this vacancy in the VA Senate. 

He has served diligently in the House of Delegates and is no stranger to leadership roles.  

In fact, he is Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. Coincidentally, Jennifer McClellan is Vice Chair. Though she will surrender that statewide position, her moving to the Congress does not mean that she is not committed to the same issues. Federal, state and local issues are the same — more so now than ever.

In that regard, I ask Lamont and Jennifer, on behalf of the people of Virginia, to launch an immediate investigation of the media reports relative to the issues confronting Major General Cedric Wins, Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute, relative to addressing and resolving a documented culture of racism and sexism. I also ask that the Legislative Black Caucus look into similar allegations pending at the University of Virginia.  

I have mentioned on numerous occasions that the former Virginia Commonwealth University provost reported that there was 150% turnover in black faculty at VCU in 2018. I ask that the Legislative Black Caucus coordinate federal, state and local representatives to launch an investigation on this matter and report its findings and recommendations at the earliest practicable time.

The people look to their elected leaders to advocate on behalf of what is right or wrong and provide leadership to affect the necessary solutions. 

Lamont will immediately bring his experience in education and government to advise his legislative colleagues and chart a course with the current administration of what proper course to take. He holds a keen understanding of the essential needs of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and will help reverse the systemic denial of equitable funding to these institutions. 

I expect this action should take place as soon as possible. It is almost inconceivable that our leaders have not taken action in these matters.  

I have not yet spoken to the Governor relative to his involvement in the aforementioned matters, but will do so appropriately.

The leadership of both parties needs to acknowledge and correct the course for the people, that has been neglected for far too long. I ask you, the voters, to join me in supporting Lamont Bagby to coalesce leadership and find constructive solutions to these problems.

Stay tuned.

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