L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia

The Tyre Nichols tragedy in Memphis is a reminder of our history as a nation.

I applaud the direct response and action taken by Police Chief Cerelyn Davis to terminate the officers and permanently disband their former unit responsible for Nichols’ death.

Yet, it’s not what should have been expected and seldom seen and practiced by those empowered so to do.

Instead, investigations, delays and deliberations are the order of the day.

Belated condolences and expressions of bereavement from “leaders “ don’t cut it for me.

As a criminal trial lawyer and a senator in the legislature, I sought to change what had been wrong. I had the law put back on the books requiring our children to be educated.

I knew that unlimited purchase of handguns was allowing the increase in crimes and homicides in our communities and restricted the purchase to one gun a month.

I saw the problems with police in our communities and had enacted into law the uniform training of police officers.

I have always worked with representatives of law enforcement and am proud of honors bestowed upon me in recognition thereof.

I’ve also seen the continuing lack of leadership from those who profess to be our “leaders”.

Though it was a welcomed and appropriate action on behalf of Chief Davis, there are far too many instances of delays by agencies, courts and officials in dealing with obvious instances of police abuse.

If rules and regulations need be changed to resolve accountability, then do so “with all deliberate speed.”

Hiding behind constructed shields of “due process “ doesn’t cut it for me, nor do I think, for the people.

Stay tuned.

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