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The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, of which I was a founder, is a much-needed way of connecting legislators of color with the people throughout Virginia to address issues and take steps toward meaningful reforms. 

In expressing the sentiment shared by countless others who have contacted me, they sent a letter to Governor Northam on July 5, 2020 demanding the immediate processing of my Gubernatorial Collection at the Library of Virginia. Virginia law mandates this processing and accessibility of gubernatorial papers. (Click on the link below to view the letter.)

VLBC Letter to Governor Northam re:_Library of Virginia

This archive collection is not for me, but for equitable access to historic educational materials for those who would benefit from the study of government, legislative policy, and procedures enacted during my term of office.

If the Library of Virginia, which is charged with completing this important work, cannot make this history accessible, then they are not compliant with the law.

As I have often stated, we need to teach ALL of our history and remove the persons and obstacles that impede such. It is the responsibility of leaders in government to insist and demand that the laws are to be followed and complied with. We must continue to demand what is right and criticize what is wrong.

Stay tuned.

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