Governor Wilder at Desk

On April 18, I posted my concerns relative to the lack of consideration of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the minority community.

I am pleased to see the legislative leadership (Black Caucus) finally following up by demanding better safeguards and assurances from the Governor, as reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today, prior to the relaxing of restrictions scheduled for tomorrow. The lack of appropriate data, widespread testing and honest reporting is problematic, specifically racially-segregated data that would address the most susceptible populations.

I was somewhat surprised as to why the Lt. Governor, in voicing his concerns relative thereto, failed to appoint a commission, on his own, authorized to report to the people of Virginia.

Even more concerning, Virginia’s testing models do not inspire confidence that adequate decisions can be made for anyone, particularly those disproportionately affected. As the recent article ‘How Virginia Juked Its COVID-19 Data’ noted, “Many pandemic response efforts assumed clean, standard, accessible data would exist, but they do not.” That said, Virginia’s decision to mix testing results of two different kinds of tests, in an effort to boost their national ranking, “marks a new low in data standards.”

The number one thing that has emerged from this pandemic is the seeming lack of consistent, reliable, and transparent leadership.

The people are entitled to that and they deserve no less from those in positions of leadership.

Stay tuned…

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