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Long Road Ahead

We are currently in an economic depression; I was born into one (1931). I think I know what the ravages of scarcity are, having lived through this national disaster.

There was NO Government source for any relief, federal or state. Jobs were not available; food, fuel, and housing were in short supply and health care was absent.

I learned the lessons of want, need, and bound to have, in my home and my community.

There was little to have, therefore, little to sacrifice.

I’ve sensed what was happening in America today for some time; yes, prior to the proclamations of the “experts”.

Even close friends and associates were blindsided by what was most obvious to me and those of us who had witnessed, lived through, or studied our history but a recent RTD op-ed suggests others are becoming aware.

I was relieved and impressed when the collective federal government settled upon a “relief” package for the American people.

That was short-lived when some of the details were made public (as of to date, full disclosure is inexplicably absent).

The $25 million dollars for the Kennedy Center, having been “negotiated by BOTH Parties is unacceptable, unimaginable, and misguided.

I consider myself to be a patron of the arts and have been supportive in any office of representation in which I have served.

One need not look to the national level, however, as the RTD op-ed notes, “does the state budget really need to include $25 million [extra]  in bonds for a tunnel pushed by lawmakers between the new General Assembly Building and the state Capitol?”

Until such time as our “leaders” fully explain the justification (not even attempts as of this posting), I say there are more pressing and vital needs, like food, housing, healthcare, financial assistance, educational support for our children, etc., for the redress of this pervasive calamity.

We, the people, are entitled to have our tax dollars expended for necessities, not niceties, and that time is now.

Stay tuned.

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