Wilder Speaking
Governor Wilder speaking at VUU in 2016

Responses to my posts regarding the Coliseum project have been encouraging and inquiring… there are still more questions than answers.

I will attempt to review some of your questions surrounding the Richmond Coliseum development being considered by the Council.

Why was race made a part of the project e.g., the name “Navy Hill, etc.. when Navy Hill, the predominant “Negro” community was destroyed, to build I-95, Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike?

Why was it necessary to point out the “set aside for minorities”, the investment in black and brown businesses”, when any developer or legal adviser should know that set asides for any group would be illegal as I’ve previously expounded?

Who pays for these consultants, and why is that necessary when the committee appointed by the Council has deliberated and given of their time and energies? And why after the committee has submitted its report? What caused the amount changed from that agreed to? And who agreed to same and with what authority? 

How did the TIF (Tax Increment Finance) district grow from 10 to 80 blocks, and who made that determination, and what are the exact boundaries? 

Inquiries have also been raised as to the fair market price of the property that will be taken into the TIF. The mayor has refused to answer that question.

There are more questions but now, we need more answers.

WHO, will do that for the PEOPLE?

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