I am very pleased and proud to congratulate Judge Rossie Alston on his confirmation to the federal judiciary for the Eastern District of Virginia. He has served with distinction on the Court of Appeals and before that was a Circuit Court Judge in Prince William County, with great distinction.
I want to thank Senator Cory Booker for making the extra effort to be there to vote for him, having also voted for him in the committee, notwithstanding having come from Iowa and to have to return.
Unfortunately, the antics of Senator Kamala Harris, raise serious questions. She chose to vote against Judge Alston; that is her right, but the voters are entitled to know the reasons. She and Senator Booker both serve on the Judiciary Committee.  She never asked a single question of the Judge nor gave any idea as to what were her reasons.  I know, for I was there for the entirety of the hearing. She subsequently, again, voted against limiting debate on his nomination on the Senate floor, assigning no public reason therefor.
To the credit of Virginias two senators, Warner and Kaine, they both voted for the Judge and spoke favorably in his behalf and worked with Senator McConnell to get the vote of the full Senate.
What is seeming strange, is that Senator Harris, who favors reparations for slavery, with no proposed plan or formula for funding or determination of recipients, opposes the appointment of a highly qualified person of color to the federal bench, for no stated reason.
Maybe she can “have a conversation” sometime about what it takes for her to give a fair chance to a person of color in TODAY’S world.
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