L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia

Yesterday evening, I was a guest of the Jeff Katz WRVA news radio show. 

I shared with Jeff that I have always enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the people when I am out and about. These people, our citizens, often tell me their concerns about the issues that affect their lives. During my long political career, I can attest that the needs and concerns of the people, the real issues, don’t change. Education, housing, crime, the economy, etc. — these are perennial. 

I encourage you to listen to the interview here.

The results of the new Wilder School Commonwealth Poll, released this week, speak to these recurring issues. Of particular concern, 55% of those surveyed do not think that the education received from colleges and universities in Virginia is worth the cost. Declining state support, tuition increases, misaligned resources and top-heavy bureaucracy continue to plague our educational systems. 

The poll also revealed that despite a 52% percent approval rating, more than half of the respondents think the Governor should be specifically involved on issues of inflation, education and crime. This should be reflected during and after the convening of the 2023 General Assembly. He needs to let the people know he is involved. One specific example that reflects the need for leadership is the bungled handling of the Confederate statues in Richmond and the Monument Avenue restoration. The people are always seeking transparency from “leaders”. 

We discussed the unacceptable conditions in K-12 schools in Richmond, and other schools, as examples of lacking attention and displaced resources. The renaming of schools is taking precedence over providing them with necessities.

Lest we properly address pressing, core issues like this, we do not have effective leadership. Leadership is  not based on partisanship, race nor any other divide. It’s a question of  demanding what is right and criticizing what is wrong.

Stay tuned.

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