Wilder 30th

This morning I was a guest of WRVA News Radio with John Reid. We discussed the recent news concerning the thwarted mass shooting plot which was purported to target the Dogwood Dell fireworks show on July 4. I told John that I haven’t tracked the story because there’s nothing to track. Based on what I’ve heard and who I’ve spoken with, this frankly seems like the story of ‘the boy who cried wolf.’

I’m concerned that when something really unfortunate does come about, what are we expected to do? Rely on a story from the Mayor’s Office? The same mayor who I’ve previously expressed my doubts related to his spending on a half-million-dollar marketing campaign funded by the taxpayers? This is not the type of leadership we need with so much crime taking a grip over Richmond.

I’m not talking about so-called, potentially-foiled crimes like the fabricated story of Dogwood Dell, but the continuing violent crimes and all those who violate our laws – who must be held responsible and accountable. For the families of the victims, these are traumas that continue to go unanswered by those in authority.  We need transparency and direct answers to these simple questions.

Crime is through the roof and we aren’t addressing it. It’s not a Democrat or Republican issue, but a bipartisan problem that we all must face. We have plenty of financial resources, but they aren’t being spent in a way that creates effective solutions. It’s not something I say lightly, but I’m very concerned about the state of government in Richmond.

Leaders at all levels must share their concerns for Virginia’s capital city. They need to listen to the people; respond to the concerns that have lingered, and address the worsening correlation between education and crime.  The people are ahead of the politicians because the people are affected by the issues that many politicians know nothing about.  Local government is that government which is most important to the people; education, safety, healthcare, affordable housing, employment, etc… it is where the rubber meets the road.

I invite you to listen to the radio program.

Stay tuned.

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