L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia

Today I joined the WRVA Richmond’s Morning Show with guest host Karen Michael.

We discussed many topics, such as the rising homicide rates in Richmond, which have gone up 20% this year alone.  I shared that a lack of leadership is responsible for the elevated crime. Sadly, community policing efforts have decreased as well, over the years.

What has happened after the murder of George Floyd? Absolutely nothing. Richmond’s statues have been removed, but what has been put in their places? The people have spoken about the issues that concern them most. But the people will not be the ones that solve education, sky-high gas prices, rising inflation, healthcare, and housing instability. They expect their leaders — whom they voted for — to truly represent them and take the actions needed for change.

Richmond ranks at the bottom of cities to live in nationwide. Richmond is at the bottom in K-12 education – which is not for want of money. The citizens of Richmond have voted NO to a new coliseum; yet the leaders are devising ways to go around them and commit more energies and money to ignore them. You would think that there was no referendum on casino gambling, the “leaders” are still calling for it, though the voters, again, have said NO. Who in Richmond and Virginia is speaking for the people about these issues? Our tax dollars must be rerouted to serve the people and our essential services, not for those who mislead and lie to the people about the benefits to them.

What we need is a commitment to do things that are necessary for all of the people to live a prosperous and safe life, and that begins with a foundation of education. Richmond is full of potential and we can make things better. We have the ability to criticize what is wrong and demand what is right.  We deserve to see a vibrant future for ALL of our people.

I invite you to listen to the program here.

Stay tuned.

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