Wilder Outside Virginia Capitao
Wilder at Capitol

A new statewide poll conducted by the Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University reveals that Virginians are most concerned with legislators focusing on the economy and education.

The poll explores concerns related to remote learning during the pandemic as well as the importance of parental involvement in students’ educational curricula.

Our school’s poll results are not surprising, it might suggest the trend for the midterm elections this year. Education is and always has been at the top of voter concerns. Respondents indicate that parents want their schools open with proper safeguards. Virtual learning is seen as harmful overall to the students. Parents want to know more about critical race theory and to participate in who determines what is taught to their children.

On the economic front, the poll reported that Virginians have chosen to resign from and change jobs during the pandemic, in part due to increases in unemployment benefits. Virginians also were polled on their awareness about the attempted redistricting of the state’s electoral map.

I encourage you to read the poll results here: https://wilder.vcu.edu/news-and-events/news-articles/poll-virginians-want-the-general-assembly-to-focus-on-education-and-the-economy-1.html

Stay tuned.

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