October 27 –  Today I joined News Radio WRVA with John Reid to discuss next week’s election. I reiterated the essential requirement for Virginia’s gubernatorial candidates to demonstrate their understanding of the needs of the people. The people want to hear from their representatives about what they’ll do to address the most pressing issues facing Virginians. With less than a week out, nearly 20% of Virginians are uncertain of whom to vote for, according to the most recent VCU Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs Commonwealth poll.

I emphasized the importance of working beyond the political aisles to affect change to improve education, health and public safety. We must go beyond special interest groups and I trust the people of Virginia to make their votes count.

The bottom line is this: Virginia is an independent-thinking state, it has always been an independent-thinking state. They are not going to allow anyone to tell them how to vote or who to vote for. And to that extent, this is a cliffhanger, this is a close race. And it will be decided by the people.

Listen to the program here: https://www.audacy.com/newsradiowrva/podcasts/richmonds-morning-news-20797/gov-doug-wilder-october-27-2021-884535351

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