To ask people to follow you is what leaders do; reasons for that request are expected. Terry McAuliffe is asking the people of VA to elect him to be their leader. But when the people ask questions of him, he declines to comment.

Recently, I posted that McAuliffe had demanded the resignations of Northam, Herring, and Fairfax. Yet, he is running with Herring, his attorney general, and continues seeking Northam’s support, notwithstanding his demanding their resignations for “blackface.”

As WTOP news in Washington, DC reported, “he declined to comment” relative to the questions asked.

I am a voter in VA; I have found, like many, that it is incredibly difficult to get answers, virtually impossible. I would like to know why I should cast my vote; not for what “leaders” say, but what candidates do.

I learned coming up, “what you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.”

McAuliffe demanded the immediate resignation of the entire Democratic administration, prompting him to break precedent and run again, marginalizing the field of black candidates, asking them ALL to support him.

Does he not believe that appearing in “blackface” is racist? The governor of VA represents ALL of the people, and is EXPECTED to answer their questions.

Stay tuned.

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