Many of the problems continually affecting our society are preventable. I go further, and attest, that some are tacitly tolerated.

I’ve been involved with the racial and diversity problems at Virginia Military Institute for many years.

After being elected as a state senator, it was privately made known to me that I had a four year, fully paid, scholarship, then existing, to award to an applicant to VMI if I so chose.

I, excitedly, canvassed to find a candidate. The young man I sponsored was among the small group of African Americans to attend VMI.

While Governor, I supported the admittance of women to VMI, the State Attorney General, a woman herself, led the state in legal opposition to their admittance.

Because of her actions, I teamed with my Secretary of Education to bring about the securing of outside counsel. He successfully argued our case before the U. S. Supreme Court, bringing about the decision, written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, admitting women to VMI.

Also, I appointed the first female to serve on the Board of Visitors at VMI.

For subsequent administrations, legislatures, particularly NOW, what is their excuse for failing to deal with the historic and alleged racism at VMI?

The blast of silence therefrom is baffling, particularly so in some instances. Either these problems of racism are there, or not; you resolve them or you don’t.

The People of VA need to know that their tax dollars are not spent in support of discrimination. We need answers from those charged with that responsibility, and if not now, when?

Stay tuned.

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