Wilder 30th

This year’s election in VA is important; serving as a bellwether for a majority of the states next year. Only New Jersey is paired with VA this year.

The candidates have been chosen by their parties; the campaign is underway. The airways are filled with ads.

The voters are looking for answers to many questions involving their lives, families, and especially the children.

The cost of living increases, housing, health care services, deepening concerns about the spreading of the Delta variant, conflicting and confusing opinions of the “experts”, increases in crime, murders and shootings are among the specific areas.

Always high on the list is addressing the need for funding and equity in education, the history of racism in kindergarten to secondary education; specifically, historically black colleges and universities.

The candidates who show by record, knowledge and commitment that they, and their party, can relieve or eliminate these problems is what the people tell me they would like to know. They are entitled to know what is being done, and by whom, and if not, why not? They need to hear from the candidates, directly.

The people need to hear constructive criticism and solutions, not partisan palaver; more directly, they should hear truth and see examples of honest leadership.

And we should not have to wait for any debates for answers. If ever there was the need for “leadership”, that time is NOW.

Stay tuned.

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