The continuing saga about what to do about racism at VMI is mind boggling to me.

It is clear that the current Governor is unable to deal with the issue surrounding his alma mater.

The Governor of Virginia is the “Commanding General” of this state supported school. The “Superintendent” is in charge of operations.

The Board of Visitors is appointed BY the Governor to supervise and approve school administration, and operations, etc.; the Governor has the ultimate administrative authority to preserve its integrity. To the extent that it is shown that the views of any of the BOV share, or support racism or other illegal acts or practices which are violative of the law of the land, they should be appropriately dealt with.

To continue wasting taxpayers’ dollars with endless studies, platitudes, and “proclamations of diversity and inclusion” is proving to be meaningless. The data is there; someone needs to show their awareness thereof and DO something.

I nominated the first African American to a full four-year scholarship to VMI when I was a state senator.

When a National Guard reservist brought the shoulder epaulet of the confederate flag, that he was ordered to wear, to my office. I ordered the ending of that practice. It took all of 30 minutes to determine the facts and act thereupon.

As Governor, I appointed the first woman to serve on the VMI Board of Visitors.  I opposed the state Attorney General, my twice ticket mate Mary Sue Terry, and hired outside counsel to take the case requiring VMI to admit women to the U.S. Supreme Court. We were rendered its unanimous decision, written by Justice Ginsburg, requiring VMI to admit women for the first time.

Amnesty Day at VMI  is where the Governor has the authority to grant forgiveness of previously imposed sanctions. Has the current Governor explored that option for those erroneously sanctioned because of  racial discrimination?

With statewide elections upon us this year, and the repeated clamor and call for “Bold Leadership,” a call which tacitly admits that the current administration isn’t cutting it. I have not heard any of the candidates, including those of the same party, saying, “elect me so I can keep this good thing going.”

I call on ALL of the candidates for office this year, statewide or the legislature, to state, unequivocally, and in plain simple words how they would handle this seeming irresolvable saga.

I know what I would do, I’ve been there; and it wouldn’t take millions of dollars requiring 38 lawyers. It’s broke, been broke, fix it.

Stay tuned.

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