Wilder 30th

Revelations about the actions of the Virginia Parole Board are shocking, yet not surprising. It is but the latest display of the need for leadership.

A man who was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole was let out of prison by the board without informing the Governor.  This means they feel they can do anything they choose, and obviously, have done so.

It is incomprehensible that we have come to this. If ever there was a need for those seeking to lead, or to be a part of leadership in the next four years, to speak to this scandal, that time is long past. The Governor, after admitting and supposedly apologizing for his Blackface/ KKK uniform appearance, launched two “independent investigations” into the matter, now claiming the results were “inconclusive.”

He KNOWS the truth; don’t underestimate the people’s ability to know the same.

As I relayed to Jon Burkett, CBS 6 news, yesterday, the VA Parole Board is not an autonomous agency, ALL of its members serve at the pleasure of the Governor. He can replace them, at will, for cause.

What has been made known to the people relative to this latest debacle defies credulity. The people want answers now, not after more investigations, like the VMI charade costing taxpayers millions, and still unresolved.

The current Governor will be gone next year. Who speaks NOW for the people or will there be more of the same? What is different about these candidates that distinguishes them from the present leadership? Right now, I don’t see it.

Stay tuned.

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