Wilder 30th

Several matters have recently been brought forth in the media suggesting the pressing issues and needs in minority communities, particularly African American.

The continuing wreak of the pandemic is upon us and the racial disparity relative to education, health, employment, housing, etc., is appalling. All of the candidates running for statewide office this year should publicly state, in specific terms, their plans to resolve this increasing dilemma; candidates at local levels should do so as well.

These problems continue to exist in Virginia. Democrats have control of both houses of the legislature, the administration, the majority of the congressional delegation, and still the people cry out for solutions.

There is also a new disease warning; one cannot criticize its own party’s shortfalls or fellow members.  You must “wait until the appropriate time”, which may or not come, to seek statewide office.  In the meantime, the waste of the people’s money on “investigations and studies” to tell us what we already see and know continues.

There was a time when legislators would answer phone calls or at the very least, return calls from those they represent, as there was no legislative assistant, nor even an office.

When I was elected in 1969 to the VA Senate, the salary was $1,500 a year. I viewed engaging with the people not only my responsibility, but a privilege.

The people are entitled to know what the candidates have done for them, their experience, and their position on the issues. Unfortunately, the blast of silence is deafening.

It is particularly surprising that the political parties expect support for their candidates, when on most issues, there is little, if any, distinction between them.

The people of Virginia deserve better than this.

Stay tuned.

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