Governor Wilder seated speaking to audience

There are good and decent people serving in leadership positions at all levels of our society. They comprise a mixture of races, creeds, and classes.

One of the most startling observations is the lack of knowledge possessed by many of those purporting to be “leaders” in the community. The lack of proactive efforts to address pressing issues, especially of those who claim to represent people of “Negro,” “Colored,” “African-American,” or “Black” descent, is unacceptable. 

The recent actions by the legislature of Virginia (H.B.1519) to create a commission to “study” slavery for TWO years is one such example, but a sad and disappointing one, indeed.

To believe that these are the persons elected to remedy and cure the racial problems emanating from the 400-year odyssey of the torturous trail of slavery and that they MUST conduct a two-year study of slavery before enacting policy is mind-boggling. Why, and to what end? To say that at first, second, or third glance is procrastination beyond belief is an understatement. 

None of those authors of this bewildering study spoke out against the lies, deceit, and outright illegality of the false promises made to the citizens, specifically, “black and brown” people for the $1.5 billion Navy Hill coliseum project. 

Is it too much to ask for accountability, honest, and transparent communication between those elected or appointed, to address the problems evidenced by the Covid-19 pandemic? 

Is further “study” needed to recognize the pervasive disparity, and systemic and institutional racism in education, healthcare, criminal justice, and housing occurring in the state capitol? 

Is further “study” necessary to acquiesce to the continual blind eye of those elected to serve? Is perpetual waste of taxpayer dollars the answer, when so many people are suffering financially? 

Having lived here for nigh unto 90 years, this study on slavery confirms what most of us know, we, the people, really need “leadership”. 

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