Governor Wilder Speaking

As I said to Michael Martz, for his recent article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “It is a teachable moment, but who’s going to teach it?”

I have always advocated for education, prioritizing the needs of our future generations, and improving our schools, as the true and complete history of our country has never been taught.

I have also expressed concern that we must move beyond the symbolic, and that constant vigilance and the relentless pursuit of equality will be the only drivers of real change to address systemic and institutional racism. 

This is not something that can be a one-time push or can be remedied by just removing statues. We must continually advocate for our rights: for education, affordable housing, criminal justice reform, accessible and affordable healthcare – the inalienable rights that we have enshrined in our founding documents – to realize them for ALL people and to enact policies that reflect our stated goal that all men are created equal. Or, as I have continued to say, “demand what is right and criticize what is wrong” until it happens. 

The past few weeks have seen the people demanding change. If we are to have substantive change, we must hold our leaders, especially our elected and appointed officials, accountable, and continue to push for those things which will make us a more ideal and just society. 

I will continue to teach it, whenever and wherever I can, and however, I can. 

Stay tuned.

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