A number of local and national media outlets have reached out for my comments relative to the statues coming down in Richmond. Lawlessness, in any form, is not condoned. As I have said, and continue to say, removing the statues is one thing but addressing the root issues is another. After the removal of the statues, then what?  Yes, this is a teachable moment, but who’s going to teach it?  Much has been neglected in the true teaching of our history. 

The last thing we need is another commission or study. When I was in the state Senate of Virginia, senior members would say to me, “You can avoid dealing with any number of issues directly, Doug, if you create a study.”  These issues have been “studied” long enough. The people are beyond sick and tired of the lack of leadership.

Until we can acknowledge our past history’s failings, we will not be prepared to confront and solve the problems of our present or our future. 

Stay tuned.

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