Governor Wilder in Red Tie
Our country’s exceptionalism is founded on inclusion. Whenever we have recognized and practiced that, whether in war or peace, we have been victorious.
We must ALL practice what we preach; social distancing and/or sheltering in place is applicable to everyone relative to the current pandemic. There are no preferred classes of people who are exempt from complying with government policy mandates.
The people look to the government for leadership, and the government must set the example.
Curing the malady is primary; after which we can determine how we were subjected thereto, in order to avoid a repetition.
We see on a daily basis the need for government leaders, national, state, and local to lead with transparency and by example.  We are fortunate in this country to be able to change that leadership when, as Jefferson proclaimed, it has been shown to be destructive to the ends of the enjoyment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The ballot box exists for the voicing of that expression.
We should hold our elected officials accountable, contact them immediately for concerns and information, and continue to demand what is right and to criticize what is wrong.


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