In these times, we should all be united in recognizing the unprecedented pandemic confronting us. Necessary precautions must take place to safeguard against the further spreading of this malady.

Closing of our public schools and universities is a priority to be considered.

I was surprised, almost shocked, when this was done in Virginia, by the Governor, without any prior or contemporary announcement from those education administrators laying out the plans to the people

The effects of these closings could have drastic effects on the future of our children.

Are the schools equipped for virtual learning and testing, despite the waiver of standards of learning testing?

Who ensures that all students have access to computers and the internet? We know some students are homeless.

How will the lack of instruction impact their promotions and educational careers?

I would have thought that it would have been wise to closet with the state superintendent of education, State School Board Associations, university Presidents, State Health Officials, Law Enforcers, parents and guardians, business and community leaders, to devise a realistic and comprehensive plan.

Maybe, this was done, but the expressions of confusion, lack of information, needed assistance, from the people suggest otherwise.

As we know and often say, leaders represent the people they are elected to serve.

I would have hoped that the same degree of passion that our leaders put forth in the planning of a $1.5 billion coliseum plan in the city of Richmond would also be imparted and expressed for the future of our children.

Let’s hope for more transparency and engagement with the people.

Stay tuned.

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