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Wilder at Capitol
The phrase “The more things change, the more they remain the same” came to mind when it was related to me what happened at an event hosted by Dominion Energy at the Richmond Marriott, last Thursday.
The occasion was the annual program “Strong Men & Women” which recognizes the historical achievements of trailblazers.  I was privileged to be amongst the 1992 group of honorees. This occasion is featured during what has been designated as “Black History Month”.

I was told that at the very beginning of the program, which attracted a full and prestigious audience, the current mayor, Levar Stoney, said, in welcome remarks, that he wanted to put first things first, lest he be subsequently scolded. He had to acknowledge the presence of his “boss,” Terry McAuliffe.

Many questions may have been answered by Stoney, indirectly, that have lingered in the minds of his real bosses, the citizens of Richmond.

A majority of the Richmond City Council members have posed many questions to the mayor relative to the expenditure of tax dollars and land concerning his coliseum proposal.

He has rendered their concerns, and the concerns of questioners, “laughable”.

The years it took to get a single person of color to, again, serve on the city council, then as mayor, were contemplated to show independence of mind, spirit, and body from any “Bosses”.

Who really “calls the shots” is a question that’s always troubled the people.

One of the worst blows suffered by the people in recent years is the Citizens United case allowing unlimited funds to be poured into politics by the wealthy, including corporations.

It was revealing to learn in an article written by Mark Robinson, published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, that Stoney stated that the only limitation on receiving money from donors, implying conflicts or not, would be payday lenders.

That is not “laughable”.

The people have a right to demand better education for their children, affordable housing, reduction in crime, resources for the homeless population, and infrastructure improvements.
It is sad to learn but helpful to know that the current mayor has a “boss” other than the people.
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