Wilder in Richmond
Governor Wilder in Richmond

National attention has been given to the need to “drain the swamp “ in Washington.

Virginians need look no further than the state capital, Richmond, to see blatant examples of the need therein; it’s mind-boggling.

Over 10 years ago, I protested against the “Cesspool of Corruption and Inefficiency” permeating Richmond’s government.

I subsequently answered the call to run for the first “strong mayor” in half a century, winning every precinct in the city. I remain humbled and grateful for that expression of confidence shown by the people.

I chose not to run for re-election, believing that my administration had straightened up the direction of the city, especially its finances.

I have refrained for nigh unto 10 years from speaking to what has ensued.

Meanwhile, the “cesspool” has enlarged itself uncontrollably.

Further examples of nepotism, conflicts of interest, wasted taxpayer dollars, cronyism, plagiarism, and authoritarianism are all on display in Richmond.

It continues to puzzle me as to why those who are put in positions, primarily to be transparent and forthcoming with those who have entrusted them to do so, provide NO answers to the people. The answers will come.
Stay Tuned!
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