Recently, I posted about the ‘Judas Goats’ leading the sheep to slaughter; referencing the ‘Navy Hill’ team efforts to build a multi-million dollar coliseum in downtown Richmond. The $1.5 billion project is to include “affordable housing” and a hotel etc. The original inducement was that $300 million were to be “set aside” for minority contractors, an illegal proposal as decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

As we often say, “the truth will out.” A recent article by Jimmy O’Keefe, published in The Telegraph, on the historic Navy Hill neighborhood’s destruction describes the history which resulted in 1,000 families being displaced.  It details the efforts that crushed the hopes and dreams of a community and should be regarded as an accurate representation, with historic relevance to today’s readers. It also smoked out the truth — there is NO set-aside as previously stated by Richmond’s Mayor Levar Stoney and VCU’s President Michael Rao.

Another expression I’ve observed through the years is that “shepherds (goats) may change many times but sheep remain sheep,” maybe, just maybe, the sheep might awaken.

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