Politico (June 11, 2014): Cantor defeat is a win-major lose situation for Obama and a potential legacy achievement: http://politi.co/1hOKmUk

The Washington Post (June 11, 2014): Last night was a lesson in humility for all of Washington: http://wapo.st/1piedH0

Cantor’s understimation of the people and their wants among the people’s waning trust – resulted in a blow to the GOP establishment.

Fairfax Times (June 11, 2014): Fmr Lt. Gov Beyer, who served alongisde me in ’90-’94,wins 8th Cong District Dem primary: http://bit.ly/1lnpwKT

Richmond Times-Dispatch (June 11, 2014:) Lauck was confirmed as first woman to serve as a US District Court judge in Richmond: http://bit.ly/1u25eHP

The Washington Post (June 10, 2014): Sometimes party loyalty asks too much – why Dems might vote for Cantor: http://wapo.st/1o9tfiA

The Atlantic (June 10, 2014): Obama’s student-debt plan won’t fix America’s college crisis: http://bit.ly/1liCqtv

The Daily Signal (June 10, 2014): Government bailout continues – this time for college grads: http://dailysign.al/1pdM044

Politico (June 10, 2014): Will Obama ever be popular again?: http://politi.co/1pZXcRY

Richmond Free Press (June 7, 2014): Ray boon was a freedom fighter with a pen – Richmond Free Press reflects on his lasting legacy: http://bit.ly/UkKXmu

WYPR (June 7, 2014): WYPR poses, why have there been so few black governors?: http://bit.ly/1kTDGPf

Chicago Tribune (June 7, 2014): 70 years later, the nation looks back on the largest amphibious invasion ever mounted and the soldiers that just did their job: http://trib.in/UhoJl5

Wilder Visions (June 7, 2014): There is a need to correctly tell ALL of the history of Schockoe: wildervisions.com

Washington Examiner (June 5, 2014): Dems approach to civil rights has gone through the looking glass: http://washex.am/1nkDYmQ

Watchdog (June 5, 2014): Is McAuliffe not starting off on a high note re campaign pledge record?: http://bit.ly/Uezfti

The New York Times (June 5, 2014): The country should not overlook the political theater beyond the Clintons – the Dem Party has many stars: http://nyti.ms/1kElYUX

Washington Post (June 5, 2014): Master political strategist, Mame Reiley, will be deeply missed. Reiley was full of humor yet had that hard-charging personality: http://wapo.st/1pHUyjM

Washington Examiner (June 5, 2014): Dems approach to civil rights has gone through the looking glass: http://washex.am/1nkDYmQ

Watchdog (June 5, 2014): Is McAuliffe not starting off on a high note re campaign pledge record?: http://bit.ly/Uezfti
The New York Times (June 5, 2014): The country should not overlook the political theater beyond the Clintons – the Dem Party has many stars: http://nyti.ms/1kElYUX
Washington Post (June 5, 2014): Master political strategist, Mame Reiley, will be deeply missed. Reiley was full of humor yet had that hard-charging personality: http://wapo.st/1pHUyjM

Politico (May 27, 2014): Is the Clinton juggernaut subject to political failure like 2008?: http://politi.co/1nwkWKV

The Detroit News (May 27, 2014): Michigan Sen. Carl Levin the smoking gun in the IRS probe: http://bit.ly/1hv6Vrp

National Journal (May 27, 2014): Highest court has become polarized like other political institutions and society: http://bit.ly/1ioM7Cd

The Washington Post (May 27, 2014): VA Sen. Webb for President?: http://wapo.st/1ha1gg5

Washington Post (May 22, 2014): More Obamacare enrollees doesn’t mean more success for the Democrats: http://wapo.st/1oSDvLg

Politico (May 22, 2014): Sen. Obama on VA #TBT: http://politi.co/1nhIohE

Washington Post (May 22, 2014): VA budget situation worsens: http://wapo.st/1j6vU3O

Washington Post (May 22, 2014): VA Dem Party Saddled with substantial debt : http://wapo.st/1lXlTsU

Main Justice (May 16, 2014): Eric Holder on Brown v. Board of Education: Prepared Remarks before NAACP: http://bit.ly/1lJjYcV

Detroit Free Press (May 16, 2014): Rep. John Conyers falls far short of signatures needed for August ballot, clerk says: http://on.freep.com/1sBmPp4

Rove (May 16, 2014): Senate primaries are uniting Republicans: http://bit.ly/1n1RjDN

Real Clear Policy (May 16, 2014): Do Free Markets Fight Discrimination?: http://bit.ly/QQXqeV

Politico (April 29, 2014): Obama dips, GOP Congress up: http://politi.co/1lundW6

Stafford County (April 29, 2014): Happy and grateful to be part of VUU’s graduation ceremony on May 10, 2014: http://bit.ly/1kpK1oR

Real Clear Politics (April 29, 2014): Can the GOP win in ’16 by following Reagan’s path?: http://bit.ly/1lun8So

The Hill (April 29, 2014): Dems’ hopes rise to keep Senate: http://bit.ly/1lun7h3

Richmond Times-Dispatch (April 28, 2014): With Dr. Frank Royal and his daughter Dr. Pamela Royal Jenkins at VUU scholarship gala: http://bit.ly/1mRiQGU

National Journal (April 28, 2014): How we’re still failing, 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education: http://bit.ly/1mRiUX8

National Journal (April 28, 2014): Sterling’s abhorrently racist remarks are embedded in a power that belittles, oversees, and owns the players of LA Clippers: http://bit.ly/1mRji7T

WilderVisions (April 28, 2014): Always a pleasure to be with Steve Kornacki on UP. Here is latest video on “The South rises again…for Democrats?: wildervisions.com

The New York Times (April 23, 2014): Poll shows tight Senate Races in Four Southern States – imperiling Repub and Dem incumbents: http://nyti.ms/1jKQE3e

Real Clear Politics (April 23, 2014): Is government controlled health care unraveling?: http://bit.ly/1ic2KW9

The Washington Post (April 23, 2014): US is a world leader in class conflict over government spending: http://wapo.st/1jwF2zp

The Washington Post (April 23, 2014): McAuliffe touts accomplishments of his first 100 days – vows to redouble efforts to push for Medicaid expansion: http://wapo.st/1pr7FXd

WilderVisions (April 21, 2014): Video of my discussion about the relationship between race and politics in America with C-SPAN, the Washington Center, George Mason University, and Purdue University: wildervisions.com

The New York Times (April 21, 2014): 50 years into the war on poverty, hardship hits back: http://nyti.ms/1jqQyfB

New Republic (April 21, 2014): Cause for concern: Health care costs are on the rise and experts are unsure why: http://bit.ly/1i70HCN

The Boston Globe (April 21, 2014): Boston Marathon belongs to the world this year: http://bit.ly/1kPj2nn

Politico (April 15, 2014): Smaller premium hikes forecast in 2015 for Obamacare: http://politi.co/1eJPKB5

TIME (April 15, 2014): On the sesquicentennial of the Civil Rights Act, “We’ve come a long way but we have a long way to go.”: http://ti.me/1gZzlIw

The National Interest (April 15, 2014): America’s greatest living president: GHWB?: http://bit.ly/1iB8OCH

The Washington Post (April 15, 2014): VA Republicans aren’t blinking in showdown over Medicaid expansion: http://wapo.st/1kQcmb3

Tomorrow, at 5pm CSPAN3 will air my observation of the state of American politics and the current functionality of Washington – tune in!

NYBooks (April 10, 2014): Is the United States back to what it was a century ago – a second Gilded Age? http://bit.ly/1lRoRCQ

The Hill (April 10, 2014): Is the Supreme Court treats democracy as the property of those with the money to buy it: http://bit.ly/OKWmYX

Washington Post (April 10, 2014): McAuliffe does not make substantive changes to Virginia ethics bill: http://wapo.st/1qzcaKL

National Journal (April 8, 2014): Obama’s problems with Congress could be eased if he would just be more like LBJ: http://bit.ly/1lO8Ygq

Forbes (April 8, 2014): Health premiums spike during Obamacare roll-out: http://onforb.es/1qgjnkF

The Washington Times (April 8, 2014): Hank Aaron: So what progress have we made? You try to understand, but we’re going backward.” http://bit.ly/Q01Foa

Bloomberg View (April 8, 2014): So who are the uninsured anyway?: http://bv.ms/1gHy34P

The New Yorker (April 7, 2014): Is China different? Or must its borrowing binge, like most others, end in tears?: http://nyr.kr/1jJeYEJ

Bloomberg View (April 7, 2014): Dems truly opposed to big money in politics?: http://bv.ms/1jUnsZK

The Washington Post (April 7, 2014): Ex-VA attorneys general say corruption charges against McDonnell should be tossed: http://wapo.st/1hcp0Pl

The Washington Post (April 7, 2014): VA GOP hires new director and touts 25K donation from Ken Cuccinelli: http://wapo.st/OtuzMx

New York Times (April 3, 2014): In terms of Obamacare, the Dems had a rare bright day this week: http://nyti.ms/1sdusEM

New York Times (April 3, 2014): Financial innovation is putting pressure on the dollar to kind of be different: http://nyti.ms/1pKowRC

Washington Post (April 3, 2014): Thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of those affected at Ft. Hood: http://wapo.st/1pSTmpm

Washington Post (April 3, 2014): Mayor Gray’s defeat sets up 9 months of political upheaval in DC government: http://wapo.st/1gSquNz

Washington Post (April 2, 2014): The one word definition of politics became more profound with SCOTUS ruling: http://wapo.st/PiIvdn

Washington Post (April 2, 2014): Anticipating November, are Dems acting desperately?: http://wapo.st/1hhEHim

ESPN (April 2, 2014): If DeSean Jackson is fine … the Redskins’ offense will be explosive: http://bit.ly/1ktb55h

Politico (April 2, 2014): Without reforms, the federal government is headed for a crisis, a new report warns: http://politi.co/1iYDgcI

Richmond Times-Dispatch (March 25, 2014): RVA happy video goes viral: http://bit.ly/QcuEGc

Examiner (March 25, 2014): GOP finds unwinding Obamacare vexing now that it’s taken root: http://washex.am/1pwXqeF

Washington Post (March 25, 2014): Dan Snyder remains adamant that he will not change the team name, but intends to assist Native American tribes instead: http://wapo.st/QaAhom

Washington Post (March 25, 2014): Adelson to tap his fortune on behalf of a more mainstream Republican with a clear shot to win the White House: http://wapo.st/1nWVqRw

Washington Post (March 24, 2014): Supporter of a Richmond slavery heritage site, Virginia Del. Delores L. McQuinn, speaks up: http://wapo.st/1djdIYB

The American (March 24, 2014): Empirical research on the size of government and economic outcomes, the US should scale back: http://wapo.st/1djdIYB

Washington Post (March 24, 2014): No indication McAuliffe is any closer to a deal on his top priority – Medicaid expansion: http://wapo.st/1dhYvqA

Concord Coalition (March 24, 2014): Despite short-term improvement, Americans must continue pressing for solutions to long-term problem (Fed Budget Deficit): http://bit.ly/1m2yEmC

Politico (March 20, 2014): Court rejects challenge to CA DNA collection but has left room for future court challenges: http://politi.co/1oBd5v9

National Review (March 20, 2014): Why taking over the Senate “may” do the Republicans a lot of good: http://bit.ly/1fGdxkC

The Hill (March 20, 2014): Can the Dems win the Obama Care war when it appears their backs are against the wall? http://bit.ly/1dgHJIF

National Journal (March 20, 2014): There is a possibility for a heated ideological battle over the future of the Tea Party: http://bit.ly/1otolcG

Washington Post (March 19, 2014): Oprah Winfrey plans to attend a fundraiser for a friend and VA candidate, Lavern Chatman, despite fraud conviction: http://wapo.st/PPrB6L

Washington Post (March 19, 2014): Fed. Judge: McDonnell lawyers “dancing through fantasy land”: http://wapo.st/NqrHj5

Real Clear Politics (March 19, 2014): Christie still the formidable GOP candidate for 2016? http://bit.ly/1lPDnb6

Washington Times (March 19, 2014): HR Clinton and her political hit list for top betrayers: http://bit.ly/1gbCjz8

Real Clear Politics (March 13, 2014): RCP: Before Nixon imploded, he was warned about violating constitutional principles. Will Obama? : http://bit.ly/OoEH9C

Washington Post (March 13, 2014): Rep Greg Walden: Special elections aren’t too predictive for either side going forward: http://wapo.st/1kjHQmo

Politico (March 13, 2014): Democrats ruined their golden opportunity in Florida: http://politi.co/1frO0jL

Washington Post (March 13, 2014): What McDonnell did for Williams any different than what any politician does for campaign donors?.: http://wapo.st/1oQAQ0s

Politico (March 7, 2014): Is Hilary Clinton right? Is Obamacare too important to “turn the clock back?”: http://politi.co/O2MLN8

Politico (March 7, 2014): Amid Crimea crisis, Obama’s poll numbers plummet to a record low: http://politi.co/1ijYLYl

National Journal (March 7, 2014): The GOP may be on their way to nominating a black Republican. Can Ben Carson defeat Hilary Clinton?: http://bit.ly/1qg52FA

Washington Life (March 7, 2014): PowerSource:My mother, Beulah Wilder’s, interpretation of equality encapsulates the true meaning of American liberty: http://bit.ly/MUBkpQ

Washington Post (March 4, 2014): Medicaid expansion complicates VA budget negotiations: http://wapo.st/1kRwJAR

Daily Beast (March 4, 2014): Must Ukraine and its Western allies prepare for the worst and do it quickly?: http://thebea.st/1eYhnFn

Politico (March 4, 2014): Obama’s 2015 budget (3.9T) seeks 651B in new revenue from the rich: http://politi.co/1onAU7u

Politico (March 4, 2014): @HillaryClinton on Putin:”I could have told him he was a KGB agent…By definition he doesn’t have a soul.”: http://politi.co/1kVb3Ut

CBS (March 3, 2014): Congratulations to Hampton, VA native, Allen Iverson, whose jersey was retired by the Philadelphia 76ers Saturday night: http://cbsprt.co/1krE4tL

Richmond Times-Dispatch (March 3, 2014): Dr. Benjamin Lambert III was a good family man, a good public servant, and a good Virginian. He will be missed: http://bit.ly/1pVejms

New Republic (March 3, 2014): Putin is gaming the geopolitical board because he can and war with a nuclear-armed Russia is not needed nor wanted: http://bit.ly/1jJ6tIO

Politico (March 3, 2014): American “menu” of non-military options will be what is on the table in addressing the Crimea crisis: http://politi.co/1co1az0

I am very appreciative of “The remarkable career of Gov. DouglasWilder” @foxandfriends @ehasselback@HARRISFAULKNER |Wildervisions.com

Politico (February 28, 2014): Mitt Romney, Chris Christie raise $1 million for RGA: http://politi.co/NDpSzA

Real Clear Politics (February 28, 2014): Eugene Robinson: My Brother’s Keeper isn’t a solution. But it’s a start: http://bit.ly/1bSyhdN

Washington Post (February 28, 2014): Op-ed pages are painting a pessimistic picture…that the US is in retreat: http://wapo.st/1fuUDTt

Mace&Crown (February 27, 2014): I thoroughly enjoyed my time at ODU and shared my message that “black America has yet to arrive.”: http://bit.ly/1mGOILv

Locate the slavery museum in Shockoe. This is an American story worth telling. A full conceptualization of this Dream is impossible w/o it

Richmond Times-Dispatch (February 27, 2014): The events of 1619 inexorably shaped the history of America’s founding, and continue to ripple through to this very day: http://bit.ly/1pygIDw

Washington Post (February 27, 2014): Republicans lamenting that judges are not being activist enough?: http://wapo.st/1ftBCAK

Politico (February 27, 2014): Does HR Clinton know what she is doing – defending #Obamacare: http://politi.co/1hD7Ab3

National Journal (February 26, 2014): Rand Paul is quietly putting together a formidable operation to attain the GOP prez nomination: http://bit.ly/1ektKju

NYTimes(February 26, 2014): Lois Lerner is likely to stand as the biggest loser in the IRS-Tea Party saga: http://nyti.ms/1o6MTGm

Huffington Post (February 26, 2014): Repub men still can’t figure out how to define these ‘women’ things: http://huff.to/1k9YVBM

Huffington Post (February 26, 2014): @BarackObama admin is on pace to come close to the CBO projection of 7M sign-ups for ins. cov. during this period: http://huff.to/1lm8UE8

Politico (February 25, 2014): Vegas may be the site for the ’16 RNC nominating convention: http://politi.co/1pnT7Fj

Los Angeles Times (February 25, 2014): People fail to realize, eliminating a defense budget, this country will still run a deficit due to mand. spending: http://lat.ms/1kbb1Y1

Real Clear Politics (February 25, 2014): Cheney: Military cuts do enourmous long-term damage: http://bit.ly/1hv2sFX

The Nation (February 25, 2014): Could Jeb Bush be the GOP’s ’16 savior?: http://bit.ly/1ljAqCc

Black history month is a reminder to further the American ideal – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”

With Benjamin Hooks, (fmr Exec. Dir NAACP & Percy Sutton, fmr Manhattan Borough President- receiving the Spingarn Medal (circa 1990).

Politico (February 24, 2014): There is no doubt that there will be plenty of time before we begin to understand if the CBO was close to the mark. #Obamcare: http://politi.co/1c18y2X

Wall Street Journal (February 24, 2014): One heartbreaking story of many where one used to have a policy that covered the drug that kept them alive. Now some are on their own: http://on.wsj.com/1c0ISDL

USA Today (February 24, 2014): Americans are pushing back against the ruling class: http://usat.ly/1e8HVrU

Forbes (January 29, 2014): Forbes: China is dependent on our fiscal health: http://onforb.es/1jni7Lz

Politico (January 29, 2014): Joe Biden: WH will work with Congress…but will Congress work with them? http://politi.co/1byDJN7

The Atlantic (January 29, 2014): SOTU shirks drone and NSA spying – two issues deserved more attention than they received: http://bit.ly/1iLgZBp

Richmond Times-Dispatch (January 29, 2014): Dems seize control ofVA Senate –relying on tie-breaking vote of Northam: http://bit.ly/Men2An

Tonight at 8p I will be previewing the SOTU with Neil Cavuto on FNC

Washington Post (January 28, 2014): Insiders suggest Dems would rather not have a #SOTU speech: http://wapo.st/1e2mhpX

Politico (January 28, 2014): Benghazi is HR Clinton’s biggest regret – and one the RNC will make her pay dearly for in 2016: http://politi.co/1cqfHb2

Politico (January 28, 2014): John Warner endorses Mark Warner – expects Mark to achieve the same seniority that he did in the US Senate: http://politi.co/1bsVjBY

The Guardian (January 27, 2014): President Obama should talk about race in America more often: http://bit.ly/1esxtXW

The Atlantic (January 27, 2014): Upward mobility appears to be dead in the South – lower than anywhere else in the US – or the rest of the developed world: http://bit.ly/1n1D5je

Real Clear Politics (January 27, 2014): There will be a myriad of topics Obama won’t dwell upon Tuesday night: http://bit.ly/1esxdIn

We remember the Honorable Harry L. Carrico, who one year ago passed away. Carrico was the epitome of public servant – devoting 42 years of his life on the VA SC.

Salon (January 23, 2014): Jon Stewart illuminates the fall from grace for what was thought to be two GOP untouchables: http://bit.ly/1aP6Hbx

Real Clear Politics (January 23, 2014): RCP presents a thorough statistical analysis as to why the 2014 Senate races matter so much: http://bit.ly/1jqqupF

Daily Caller (January 23, 2014): Recent study shows staying uninsured is cheaper than Obamacare for the young: http://bit.ly/1cYLRpM

Politico (January 23, 2014):Quinnipiac poll: 53% say the admin under Obama (WH) has been incompetent: http://politi.co/1fchSxJ

The New York Times (January 20, 2014): Unsung hero of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as we approach 50th anniversary: http://nyti.ms/Ksa9SJ

Politico (January 20, 2014): Politico discusses the #MLK – Kennedy relationship: http://politi.co/1aEfekq

The Nation (January 20, 2014): The call to empathy helped mobilize a nation – for war on poverty: http://bit.ly/1ji9WjH

The Guardian (January 16, 2014): Has the overt, violent, and legal racism of the ‘60s been replaced by a subtler, still ugly version: http://bit.ly/1df53nl

The New York Post (January 16, 2014): The 5M+ Americans who’ve seen their health plans canceled thanks to ObamaCare will be joined by millions more this year: http://bit.ly/1b5ufst

Real Clear Politics (January 16, 2014): Many argue an education is a chance for a better life and desperately needed my black youngsters born into unfortunate circumstances: http://bit.ly/1kE87z4

Politico (January 16, 2014): Tension will mount with more than 100 college presidents trying to alleviate the burden in obtaining a valued higher education: http://politi.co/1j7Tm5N

Cyprus Creek Mirror (January 16, 2014): Interesting to see if there is an Obama malaise developing in the Democratic Party and the upcoming fundraising season: http://bit.ly/K6zx03

The Washington Post (January 15, 2014): Has Barrack Obama submitted to an absence of passion… an absence of a conviction of the importance of success?: http://wapo.st/1eAxpGQ

Richmond Times-Dispatch (January 15, 2014): Medicaid expansion in Virginia an opportunity for renewed appeal for cooperation with a divided legislature?: http://bit.ly/KjdZwF

Richmond Times-Dispatch (January 15, 2014): McAuliffe holds first Cabinet meeting – with a few McDonnell carry overs: http://bit.ly/1dsxZZd

The Washington Times (January 15, 2014): Gates was late with his alarm – Americans deserved an earlier warning: http://bit.ly/1eJKOyx

The Washington Post (January 14, 2014): McDonnell pulls a series of pranks against Terry McAuliffe on the morning of the first day on the job: http://wapo.st/1ePy3ka

Cavalier Daily (January 14, 2014): With debates on Medicaid expansion looming, McAuliffe’s bipartisan tranquility is likely to be short-lived: http://bit.ly/1m55UrY

The Washington Times (January 14, 2014): American dream may be in trouble from Obama’s policies: http://bit.ly/19s2m2m

Politico (January 14, 2014): Maybe no longer a snoozer of a Senate race in VA – with Ed Gillespie challenging Marker Warner: http://politi.co/KZY5rF

Politico (January 13, 2014): Golden boys of the GOP, Christie & McDonnell, enter 2014 tarnished: http://politi.co/1gxg43d

Politico (January 13, 2014): Record # of Americans ID themselves as liberal – with shift largely coming from moderates: http://politi.co/KK0yGE

Washington Post (January 13, 2014): Bill Bolling leaves public office, but plans to stay in public life: http://wapo.st/1abWmWH

New York Times (January 13, 2014): With de Blasio and McAuliffe appearances – the argument can be made – we are beginning to see a Clinton restoration: http://nyti.ms/1a0DdMX

Daily Press (January 12, 2014): Saturday was a soggy inaugural for McAuliffe, but was not the 20 degree temps felt 24 years ago: http://bit.ly/1dHRTvJ

Politico January 12, 2014): McAuliffe and Warner share a story of intersecting life trajectories: http://politi.co/1a0D4ZU

The Washington Post (January 10, 2014): Robert Gates: WH very suspicious of military: http://wapo.st/1evZQWA

Politico (January 10, 2014): Paul Fishman, NJ US Attorney, gets his wish = Chris Christie federal probe: http://politi.co/1d7hL7F

CNN (January 10, 2014): Politics is a cruel road – Chris Christie’s rising star is a target: http://cnn.it/1aNnVpp

The Hollywood Reporter (January 10, 2014): Roger Ailes is the man with a plan and is holding nothing back in his new ventures: http://bit.ly/1cBoTYH

Politico (January 9, 2014): WH and Obama struggle with saying, “Obamacare does what it’s supposed to do.”: http://politi.co/1lEPTeO

The American Spectator (January 9, 2014): Robert Gates applies scorched earth policy to Obama and the White House: http://bit.ly/1fdPG1O

Politico (January 9, 2014): Bob McDonnell to apologize to Virginia legislature – insists that he did not break the law: http://politi.co/1d36nKa

Richmond Times-Dispatch (January 9, 2014): James “Jim” Holland was elected Chesterfield board’s first black chairman: http://bit.ly/1cFBKJv

Washington Examiner (January 8, 2014): Potential victims of de Blasio’s “march” to end inequality are the small businesses and voluntary associations: http://bit.ly/1aflCyH

Slate (January 8, 2014): Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is the Dem most likely to challenge HR Clinton in 2016: http://slate.me/1dsISqn

The Washington (January 8, 2014): Robert Gates reflects on the lack of care, leadership, and commitment, by our president re the Afghanistan War: http://wapo.st/1cyNeP2

Daily Caller (January 8, 2014): The writing was on the walls, 2007 NAACP letter said Obamacare-style Medicare advantage cuts would hurt millions of minorities: http://bit.ly/1kqPxdI

Bloomberg (January 7, 2014): How can Obama get his groove back?: http://bloom.bg/1acq29C

The Wall Street Journal (January 7, 2013): Sen. Johnson of Wisconsin sues over Obamacare exemptions for Congress: http://on.wsj.com/1bJfiLZ

NY Daily News (January 7, 2013): For de Blasio, the stereotype of urban liberalism will be reaffirmed or will be decisively bucked: http://nydn.us/1bNvnQX

The Washington Free Beacon (January 7, 2013): Comstock plans to run for a Congress – the seat formerly held by Frank Wolf: http://bit.ly/1f9PBMp

The Daily Beast (January 1, 2014): How will Obama take on the NSA’s surveillance state in 2014?: http://thebea.st/1altlrm

The New York Times (January 1, 2014): America in 2013 – captured in charts (NYT): http://nyti.ms/1lAcoP8

CBS (January 1, 2014): 2014 the comeback year for Barrack Obama?: http://cbsn.ws/KjjXyv

Politico (January 1, 2014): IRS will get in line (behind Dept of Health&Human Serv) to receive the brunt of the blame during Obamacare rollout: http://politi.co/JojM4r

Real Clear Politics (December 31, 2013): A new year brings new problems … we can only hope the old will be remedied to prepare for the new: http://bit.ly/1gkOpmF

Politico (December 31, 2013): Will the WH’s plan to release a series of success stories be able to erase memories of the prevailing failures of Obamacare: http://politi.co/1bzw3t5

Politico (December 31, 2013): The war in Afghanistan appears to be the least popular war in American history: http://politi.co/1aiRyhT

Washington Post (December 31, 2013): Red, blue states move in opposite directions in a new era of single-party control: http://wapo.st/1lreL6O

WJLA (December 27, 2013): In 2013 we learned, ““It’s not a purple state and it’s not a blue state…It’s a people state.”: http://wj.la/1cbEA5q

The Washington Post (December 27, 2013): @Washington Post – Where the 1.3M people losing unemployment aid this week live: http://wapo.st/1g7OM3X

US NEWS (December 27, 2013): America just isn’t that into Obama anymore: http://bit.ly/1kNoTcL

Mediaite (December 27, 2013): Political press declaring a war against Chris Christie – Mitt Romney déjà vu?: http://bit.ly/1fNOSgk

Daily Beast (December 26, 2013): We all continue to wait for big changes to occur at the White House – will Obama heed the call?: http://thebea.st/1c7EjUw

The Washington Post (December 26, 2013): Could McAuliffe’s success be Warner’s undoing?: http://wapo.st/1liYYH3

Politico (December 26, 2013): Early lead for the GOP heading into 2014, according to a new poll on the midterm elections: http://politi.co/K7arOh

Washington Post (December 26, 2013): Washington Post: Slavery museum in Richmond would be a potent symbol: http://wapo.st/JfLTm4

“Slavery, America’s most searing sin, ought to have an appropriate museum.” – @RTD

@GovernorVA appropriation for a slavery museum in Shockoe Bottom was fully endorsed by @TerryMcAuliffe: http://bit.ly/1ig6TYF #Richmond

Bloomberg (December 24, 2013): 40%of Americans live in counties with 3 or fewer companies selling Obamacare policies! http://buswk.co/1lcX5vN

CNN (December 24, 2013): The WH pushed back against recent complaints, noting nearly 20% of the judges Obama has named are African American: http://cnn.it/19KgCC2

Politico (December 24, 2013): Obama has perpetuated ire among civil rights leaders – with arguing “Bad process has resulted in bad judges”: http://politi.co/19nmy5K

USA TODAY (December 24, 2013): Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season. Tis the season to reflect on the past – as memories enrich these moments: http://usat.ly/1ciHzxa

Yahoo News (December 20, 2013): Obama hopes 2014 will be America’s breakthrough year: http://yhoo.it/1bgwZSI

Forbes (December 20, 2013): Forbes: Romney was wrong about the 47%, the problem is much worse: http://onforb.es/JNvdmJ

The Washington Post (December 20, 2013): The healthcare plan envisioned by Barrack Obama has only become more interesting in application: http://wapo.st/18VjrfB

Fox News (December 20, 2013): Fox News Poll: More voters now like Bush than Obama (and more favor Bill Clinton): http://fxn.ws/J8wUtE

Roanoke (December 19, 2013): The people of Virginia will not see the last of Obenshain – expect him to remain fully engaged: http://bit.ly/19eZxC7

Was not since the ’89 campaign that the Dems fully swept the Commonwealth of Virginia – Congratz to McAuliffe, Northam, Herring #Gov #LtGov #AG

Richmond Times-Dispatch (December 19, 2013): Obamacare is expected to hurt the Commonwealth at both (VCU and UVa)- both exp to lose about $500M in fed. funds to care for people with no health insurance from 2017 to 2022: http://bit.ly/19AecFR

CNN (December 19, 2013): Coming to another year’s end – not the best for our president: http://cnn.it/1beK3YN

VOA (December 16, 2013): Honored to be part of the special report, Remembering Nelson Mandela, on Voice of America: https://wildervisions.com/

The Washington Post (December 16, 2013): The WH intentionally delayed enacting a set of rules re the env, worker safety, and health care before the ’12 election: http://wapo.st/19p3hyQ

RTD (December 16, 2013): The RTD reflects on the 9-yr old Richmond based awards program supported by L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs @VCU: http://bit.ly/199bucn

Real Clear Policy (December 16, 2013): There is an Obamacare deadline no one is discussing … and is deserving of incredible attention: http://bit.ly/1fz44yk

I thank Governor McDonnell for his leadership, and I look forward to working with city and state officials to bring about the fruition of this dream: Wildervisions.com

Real Clear Policy (December 13, 2013): States signing a suicide pact with Washington during Obamacare’s rollout?: http://bit.ly/18IZDz9

Raw Story (December 13, 2013): “Desegration was the beginning of the decline for schools” were remarks made by a republican candidate for VA state Senate: http://bit.ly/JcF2JX

Huffingtoon Post (December 13, 2013): Here’s a look at the gun control laws congress has passed since Newtown: http://huff.to/1bBDxLC

Economist (December 11, 2013): Prevailing effects of Obamacare America’s wallet as deadline approaches to sign up for insurance: http://econ.st/18mk7j4

Boston Globe (December 11, 2013): Castro-Obama handshake at Mandela memorial service shows civility and decency in the penumbra of Repub hysteria: http://b.globe.com/1gpyc29

CNN (December 11, 2013): Wall Street & many Americans still cannot get over their love for guns, despite the devastating effects, terror, & pain they have triggered: http://bit.ly/19jP4iI

Richmond Times-Dispatch (December 11, 2013): Delighted to be serving on Gov-elect Terry McAuliffe’s inaugural committee: http://bit.ly/1bEqsWt

Cap Times (December 10, 2013): Some argue support for gun control helped Herring win in Virginia: http://bit.ly/1aRMksO

Business Insider (December 10, 2013): We must never forget history can and does repeat – 3 countries that lost their position as world’s dominant financial power: http://read.bi/1f9GS9N

Richmond Times-Dispatch (December 10, 2013): Obenshain lawyer requests poll book access (raising the issue of taking the election to the GA): http://bit.ly/1cmKzEY

USA TODAY (December 10, 2013): Mandela sought justice in his own country – but wanted it for African Americans too: http://usat.ly/1aRLFrw

I ask everyone to seek to emulate Mandela’s strength of character and continue his march: http://bit.ly/1eV2HsK

Yesterday – the world lost a voice of reason, compassion: http://bit.ly/195lpNX

They don’t come like him too often, and when you find one you need to treasure it. And I think the world does treasure this monument to humanity: http://bit.ly/1iEYzml

NYT: Mandela taught a continent to forgive: http://nyti.ms/1ceN3W0

The Wall Street Journal (December 5, 2013): Will the next president inherit Obama’s red-line presidency?: http://on.wsj.com/IFLh8k

The Washington Post (December 5, 2013): The investigation that has engulfed McDonnell’s record as governor has been heartbreaking and humbling: http://wapo.st/1bjtYp3

Daily Press (December 5, 2013): Virginia gun sales set a new high for Black Friday and now are just days away from setting an annual record: http://bit.ly/1jpzY2I

Salon (December 5, 2013): The real reasons the Clintons need to repair relations with African-Americans are beyond the paper of record: http://bit.ly/ItXSMB

Washington Post (December 4, 2013): Kathleen Parker: To the GOP re healthcare reform:“No” gets you nothing but nothing — and gloating floats no boats: http://wapo.st/1dPLrsr

Town Hall (December 4, 2013):: Liberalism on the wrong side of history and out of step with the modern world? http://bit.ly/1cXZqqZ

The Wall Street Journal (December 4, 2013): Obama’s pitfall on health care – low-information leadership: http://on.wsj.com/1g4STQI

Politico (December 4, 2013): GOP go to the doctors as their primary weapon for combating Obamacare: http://politi.co/1gDWfrl

The Washington Post (December 3, 2013): As someone who has been involved and seen war closeup, Eugene Robinson’s op-ed illustrates that war cannot justify murder of innocent civilians by America: http://wapo.st/188jrxC

Real Clear Sports (December 3, 2013): Difficult for the NFL to compete with the passion, atm, history, and excitement witnessed recently in college football: http://bit.ly/1dO4svx

Salon (December 3, 2013): GOP suffer from a race problem?: http://bit.ly/18YLxdx

Commentary (December 3, 2013): Changing the rules may be the next IRS scandal: http://bit.ly/1be7jcy

National Journal (November 26, 2013): Dems fear Obamacare will cost them the U.S. Senate: http://bit.ly/1bkmrrn

Forbes (November 26, 2013): Iran deal has the potential for risk but also great dividends for the tight oil boom in America: http://onforb.es/17N2HKa

WJLA (November 26, 2013): I have offered words of praise but also caution for Terry McAuliffe: http://wj.la/1c54trr

Ailes (November 26, 2013): Thoroughly enjoyed recognizing America’s future in broadcast and cable journalism through Aisles Apprentice Program’s graduation ceremony : http://bit.ly/1geFuTz

I will be joining Neil Cavuto today on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on FNC at 4:45pm to discuss Obama’s fix to the Affordable Care Act.

US NEWS (November 15, 2013): Obama’s bleak poll numbers reflective of “you get what you campaign on”: http://bit.ly/1aGicAd

The Washington Post (November 15, 2013): Will reversing Obamcare’s cancellations raise premiums? http://wapo.st/17whQ4F

Wall Street Journal (November 15, 2013): Lawmakers—especially Democrats—have a historic opportunity. Will they seize it?: http://on.wsj.com/1e6Cfg4

Bloomberg (November 15, 2013): Is Obamacare just whatever Obama says it is?: http://bloom.bg/1a9d0Jf

Missoulian (November 14, 2013): In the first month of the Affordable Care Act roll-out – 1,023 Virginians subscribe to the Marketplace Plan: http://bit.ly/1j729k2

USA TODAY (November 14, 2013): The federal government shutdown was a critical factor in Cuccinelli’s defeat: http://usat.ly/1ckS2G0

BBC (November 14, 2013): 27,000 Americans enrolled for health insurance through its troubled federal website in the first month: http://bbc.in/HYMasl

US NEWS (November 14, 2013): The Truth Behind Obama’s Bleak Poll Numbers: http://bit.ly/1aGicAd

Richmond Times-Dispatch (November 13, 2013): I will be saying something in this space soon about the US National Slavery Museum: http://bit.ly/HTZIX8

Forbes (November 13, 2013): The Obamacare Exchange Scorecard: Around 100,000 enrollees & 5M cancellations: http://onforb.es/1gERAYS

Politico (November 13, 2013): Mark Herring climbed to an unofficial lead of 163 votes over Republican Mark Obenshain in the 2.2 million-vote race for VA AG: http://politi.co/1bC4YHs

Huffington Post (November 13, 2013): Obama’s Approval Rating Drops To Lowest Point Ever: http://huff.to/18qJmew

New York Post (November 12, 2013): The administration trying to close the door to the ACA’s worst features? http://bit.ly/1gqVB2T

The Wall Street Journal (November 12, 2013): Obama has asked aides “to see what we can do to close some of the holes and gaps” in his health law: http://on.wsj.com/1cI9DN2

NBC News (November 12, 2013): Black voters were a big reason McAuliffe won in Virginia: http://nbcnews.to/17ccn2L

Washington Post (November 12, 2013): Terry McAuliffe’s win in Old Dominion shows that involuntary early retirement can be forestalled if African American voters are fired up: http://wapo.st/HNpD1w

We are grateful for all the men and women that have served and continue to protect the many freedoms this great country offers.

Politico (November 11, 2013): VA AG race becomes closer by the minute: http://politi.co/180l8vi

Real Clear Policy (November 11, 2013): We are in need to improve students’ knowledge of American history — and the sacrifices that have been made on the nation’s behalf: http://bit.ly/18mf90g

NY Daily News (November 11, 2013): Re Obama’s plan for healthcare – Americans can’t handle the truth: http://nydn.us/1cLIybD

AJC (November 8, 2013): Jason Carter to challenge Gov. Deal next year: http://bit.ly/1c18NG3

The Washington Post (November 8, 2013): Extreme similarities between Christie and Giuliani re prospects as future nominee and president: http://wapo.st/1cZxcNr

The New Republic (November 8, 2013): Terry McAuliffe threatening to shut down the state govt unless legislators include Medicaid expansion it in their budget?: http://on.tnr.com/1arGEp1

Politico (November 8, 2013): Ken Cuccinelli eyed Bob McDonnell removal: http://politi.co/17gceLH

My thoughts on the Virginia win by Terry McAuliffe: https://wildervisions.com/

Washington Post (November 7, 2013): Long wait ahead in determining VA’s “AG” – a term that has come to stand for “almost governor” in state politics: http://wapo.st/1b8oCuk

Politico (November 7, 2013): Republican Governors Association: We did a lot for Ken Cuccinelli: http://politi.co/1bZJ7JY

Washington Examiner (November 7, 2013): Obamacare = junk insurance? http://bit.ly/183AFGX

Fox News (November 6, 2013): Many people question whether bringing Obama to Virginia helped McAuliffe: http://fxn.ws/1gqF66V

Politico (November 6, 2013): The unpopularity of the Affordable Care Act was reflected in yesterday’s election: http://politi.co/1b4IEb6

Richmond Times-Dispatch (November 6, 2013): The tea party’s “divide and conquer” approach was rejected by voters: http://bit.ly/17Dvq6G

Cuccinelli might have won if he had more money?

Tomorrow morning, at 7:35am EST, I will be providing a post-election analysis with Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor.

Mornings with Brian and Larry can be heard on AM 630, 105.9 FM in the DC area and online at wmal.com/listen.

I will be on CNN today at 1:30pm w/ Wolf Blitzer to discuss the various contributors to the VA Gov race and how politics have changed in Virginia.

Tonight, between 8-10pm, I will be on Fox News for an Election Night Special w/ Neil Cavuto!

The Daily Progress (November 5, 2013): Among young voters, there has been a weird void of notable activity for this gubernatorial campaign: http://bit.ly/16Z4Izg

Real Clear Politics (November 5, 2013): McAuliffe Buries Cuccinelli on TV By 10-to-1 Margin: http://bit.ly/HAhkak

Richmond Times-Dispatch (November 5, 2013): Cuccinelli: “They have money — we have momentum” : http://bit.ly/1iFh4BX

Real Clear Politics (November 4, 2013): Biden: Va. Race Is Fight Against Tea Party: http://bit.ly/1ffwGw5

National Journal (November 4, 2013): Tea-party candidates who want to win statewide will need to find issues that mainstream voters care about: http://bit.ly/183QGN1

Real Clear Politics (November 4, 2013):The polls show a tightening race between McAuliffe and Cuccinelli – but the one on Election Day is the only one that matters http://bit.ly/ZQFdA5

Huffington Post (November 4, 2013): Voter ID to provide barriers to elderly citizens trying to vote?: http://huff.to/17GRM54

For the first time since 1969 – there may be no Repubs in statewide office. #Virginia

Tomorrow night, between 8-10pm, I will be on Fox News with Neil Cavuto for a one-on-one national television interview during an Election Night Special.

USA TODAY (November 1, 2013): “I Told ya’ll so”: http://usat.ly/1h5qivH

WSJ (November 1, 2013): This is another reason that Hilary will not have any serious opposition for the nomination, and certainly, none from Biden.: http://on.wsj.com/1h4ulIR

Real Clear Politics (November 1, 2013): Tightened VA race may boost both sides’ chances: http://bit.ly/1aKF97B

Real Clear Policy (November 1, 2013): Birth control has been a boost for social mobility. But there is still progress to be made: http://bit.ly/1aKF97B

The Washington Post (November 1, 2013): The management policy at the White House -“ignorance at the top?: http://wapo.st/19T5Zv6

The Huffington Post (November 1, 2013): In fact, Joe Biden was almost replaced by HR Clinton as President Obama’s 2012 VP candidate: http://huff.to/1iyDXqu

The Washington Post (October 28, 2013): Clinton: My friend will win over skeptics as VA governor: http://wapo.st/16eVPEx

USA News First (October 28, 2013): Obama causes $17T debt, a $328B one day increase (largest in nation’s history): http://bit.ly/19Nmmt4

Politico (October 28, 2013): Terry McAuliffe’s big test on Election Day will be turning out black voters: http://politi.co/1dEodVd

Washington Examiner (October 28, 2013): Ken Cuccinelli’s policies show a strong libertarian streak: http://bit.ly/19Mpwxf

Looking forward to joining Bill Clinton tomorrow at a “Putting Jobs First” event in Richmond – in the final stretch of McAuliffe’s campaign: http://bit.ly/16cdL2B

The Washington Post (October 23, 2013): Bob Lewis’ talents should not be removed from a much needed source of informing the public: http://wapo.st/1a0w73M #AP

Richmond Times-Dispatch (October 23, 2013): Bill Clinton will campaign w/ Terry McAuliffe on Sunday at Richmond Community High School: http://bit.ly/187Okfd

The Guardian (October 23, 2013): Congressional Republicans sink due to the shutdown defeat. But in governorship elections, GOP candidates are on the rise: http://bit.ly/1eGoLaO

Politico (October 23, 2013): McAuliffe edges Ken Cuccinelli 46 percent to 39 percent in the Quinnipiac poll of likely voters: http://politi.co/HeNXKC

Wilder Visions (October 22, 2013):My discussion w/ Steve Kornacki on MSNBC on how the decades-long political streak is set to burn out in VA: http://bit.ly/vqjlUz

Real Clear Markets (October 22, 2013): China: perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world: http://bit.ly/1eGhCY0

Real Clear Markets (October 22, 2013): Argument: There will be no $24B economic loss from the government shutdown: http://bit.ly/HdMByK

Richmond Times-Dispatch (October 22, 2013): Going global requires regional effort – w/ VCU as the engine: http://bit.ly/1bTp3JV

I will be on MSNBC Live w/ Thomas Roberts today from 11:30 and 12pm ET to talk about the VA Governor’s Race.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (October 17, 2013): Using Redskins to signify an athletic franchise of America’s modern pastime is a civic sin, and it should be changed now: http://bit.ly/1gNEQh2

Politico (October 17, 2013): The shutdown is “over” – but is it?: http://politi.co/1hWlWSV

Politico (October 17, 2013): WH says “There are no winners here” – but is that necessarily true?: http://politi.co/1aq2rOl

BuzzFeed Politics (October 17, 2013): Now that the shutdown has ended – is Obama coming for immigration reform next?: http://bit.ly/1aLcUp0

CNN (October 15, 2013): Do the Repubs. need to dump the Tea Party? http://bit.ly/1717A4n

Chicago Sun-Times (October 15, 2013): The abuse of American’s public workers must come to a stop: http://bit.ly/1cRwDs7

Daily Press (October 15, 2013): VA Dems say Obenshain backed probe of U.Va. professor: http://bit.ly/1aGjwoM

Los Angeles Times (October 15, 2013): HR Clinton to headline a Beverly Hills event for Terry McAuliffe: http://lat.ms/167ix3H

Richmond Times-Dispatch (October 10, 2013): Another day – another poll showing McAuliffe with a considerable lead over Cuccinelli: http://bit.ly/1bJrouU

Richmond Times-Dispatch (October 10, 2013): Pleased to have former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley at VCU to discuss the importance of regional cooperation and education: http://bit.ly/1apOwJv

Politico (October 10, 2013): Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is defying political gravity: http://politi.co/16Slfe1

The Wall Street Journal (October 10, 2013): Lew: “The government would face perilous” choices in the coming weeks if the nation’s borrowing limit isn’t raised.”: http://on.wsj.com/GPemyr

I will be on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” at Fox News Channel today at about 4:35pm to discuss both the shutdown and the president’s new poll numbers.

Seattle Pi (October 9. 2013): My former adviser, Frank Greer, faces challenges in securing the Seattle Mayor position for State Sen. Ed Murray: http://bit.ly/1cp1DPG

The New York Times (October 9. 2013): “Only political courage and compromise” can avert disaster: http://nyti.ms/17hLZOp

Forbes (October 9. 2013): What If China Stops Buying U.S. Government Debt?: http://onforb.es/1bB2q0v

Politico (October 8, 2013): Government shutdown backlash boosts Terry McAuliffe: http://politi.co/15X1M5J

USA TODAY (October 8, 2013): Kelly: Michael Vick could lose his job to Nick Fole: http://usat.ly/1agnJ2b

The Washington Post (October 8, 2013): McAuliffe calls on Cuccinelli to denounce shutdown, Cruz: http://wapo.st/15Qqt9j

Real Clear Markets (October 8, 2013): The risk to economic growth is greater now than in 1995: http://bit.ly/1hxPKEY

New Republic (October 8, 2013): The recent PPP poll poll was about the generic Dem not the mediocre one they will put up in 2014: http://on.tnr.com/1bC9o5x

The Washington Times (October 4, 2013): McAuliffe blasts flying of Confederate flag; issue is politically tricky: http://bit.ly/1hpWq8l

The Washington Post (October 4, 2013): Sarvis is gaining some traction in Va. governor’s race: http://wapo.st/15JLhiy

CNSNEWS(October 4, 2013): Under Obama, US government debt held by public is up 90%: http://bit.ly/18P5ouG

USA TODAY (October 4, 2013): Jack Lew: U.S. failure to pay bills hurts everyone: http://usat.ly/1fMybpa

Forbes (October 2, 2013): Whether this is a short-lived or long-lasting shutdown depends on the relative negotiating strength of the parties: http://onforb.es/19TTVqy

Los Angeles Times (October 2, 2013): Republican moderates hold key to ending government shutdown: http://lat.ms/18rjG3C

Stars and Stripes (October 2, 2013): WWII veterans storm DC memorial in defiance of the government shutdown: http://1.usa.gov/17rusr4

Politico (October 2, 2013): Government shutdown: VA backlog at risk: http://politi.co/19SoLzZ

The Washington Post (October 2, 2013): Congressional inaction roils politics in Virginia: http://wapo.st/15HAINa

Politico (September 30, 2013): Poll: Ted Cruz leads 2016 GOP primary: http://politi.co/1bWuvid

Huffington Post (September 30, 2013): Are House and Senate Republicans putting ideological purity over their constitutional obligation to govern? http://huff.to/194Tedb

The Washington Post (September 30, 2013): NRA pours $500k into an ad campaign against McAuliffe – here in the Commonwealth: http://huff.to/194Tedb

Huffington Post (September 30, 2013): Elizabeth Warren calls for students to have an easier time getting their debt eliminated if they go into bankruptcy: http://huff.to/1eSbT3Z

Wilder Visions (September 27, 2013): My thoughts about VA Gov debate I shared with Brian and Larry on WMAL-DC’s Mornings on the Mall (morning of 9/26/2013): http://bit.ly/vqjlUz

The Washington Post (September 27, 2013): The five biggest takeaways from the Cuccinelli-McAuliffe debate: http://wapo.st/1b8u3KH

Yahoo News (September 27, 2013): Nine scenarios on Obama’s future – for the remaining 40 months: http://yhoo.it/18ZOP0Q

National Journal (September 27, 2013): “Virginia Isn’t the Place Ken Cuccinelli Thinks It Is”: http://bit.ly/1fDdARC

Tune in to WMAL-Washington, DC tomorrow morning at 7:35am. I will be discussing tonight’s debate between @KenCuccinelli & @TerryMcAuliffe!

The Federalist (September 25, 2013): Are robots killing the middle class or more wishful thinking on joblessness?: http://bit.ly/18UfFYn

Politico (September 25, 2013): Terry McAuliffe is holding a single-digit lead over Ken Cuccinelli in two new polls: http://politi.co/17Z8J9h

Politico (September 25, 2013): A Clintonworld after-party for Terry McAuliffe w/ Paul Begala and James Carville: http://politi.co/19FDb6n

NBC News (September 25, 2013): Battle for the ‘burbs will likely decide key Virginia contest: http://nbcnews.to/19xFfxl

Politico (September 23, 2013): Our president looks about as tired, in other words, as the nation feels: http://politi.co/16APDTY

Wilder Visions (September 23, 2013): Is there meat on the bones of the McAuliffe candidacy? The fact that you are not Cuccinelli is one thing, but who are you? http://bit.ly/vqjlUz

Real Clear Science (September 23, 2013): @gun lobbyists, There is a clear relationship between the number of guns per capita and the rate of gun-related deaths in 27 countries: http://bit.ly/1fgP0pI

Richmond Times-Dispatch (September 23, 2013): McAuliffe’s troubling lack of mastery and odd flippancy combine to paint a portrait of a deeply unserious candidate: http://bit.ly/1gOKz3j

NBC 12 (September 23, 2013): The candidates’ visit to my class show that as much as any time in recent history, the two candidates are different in almost every way.

Cuccinelli and McAuliffe speak of concern for student debt for college, neither offers any ideas about containing the costs of higher education: http://bit.ly/1fujC7g

Tune in tomorrow to MSNBC @9am. I will be on UP w/ Steve Kornacki!

Real Clear Politics (9/20/2013): Dems not following the agenda set by our President?: http://bit.ly/16sMOnW

Politico (9/20/2013): Virginia poll: President Obama’s numbers go south: http://politi.co/1aaM6yM

The Wall Street Journal (9/20/2013): Opponents of Terry McAuliffe fighting fire with fire?: http://on.wsj.com/15Gw8Ni

National Review (September 19, 2013): The Internet and for-profit trade schools can never replace the unique intellectual and social landscape of the holistic 4 year experience: http://bit.ly/18cuTFO

FOX NEWS (September 19, 2013): Lois Lerner’s emails indicate three key revelations re the IRS corruption: http://fxn.ws/1f0shhu

CBS NEWS (September 19, 2013): Stop Hillary PAC follows Clinton into Virginia governor’s race: http://cbsn.ws/1eKj9jp

Quinnipiac University (September 19, 2013): Virginia voters dislike Mcauliffe less than Cuccinelli and Libertarian Sarvis could be key in tight race: http://bit.ly/1dlVSQI

Richmond Times-Dispatch (September 19, 2013): Virginians don’t want U.S. strike on Syria: http://bit.ly/18dcnve

Washington Post (September 19, 2013): Some Republicans are urging the Virginia GOP to oust Bolling from the party because of his decision not to endorse: http://wapo.st/17I7jjt

Politico (September 17, 2013): Obama again hinted at his view that Congress must act to help prevent future massacres, but offered no specifics: http://politi.co/16b4wvl

The Washington Post (September 17, 2013): In July and August, McAullife again tops Cuccinelli in the race for money in VA: http://wapo.st/1aHjgaj

USA TODAY (September 17, 2013): It is up to congressional investigators to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal: http://usat.ly/1eCdWtP

Real Clear Politics (September 17, 2013): Rules over politics at the Fed: http://bit.ly/182m6pX

Centre Daily (September 16, 2013): Cuccinelli pays a political price for remaining AG: http://bit.ly/1bkUdwl

Politico (September 16, 2013): Cuccinelli exploring highly unusual 30-minute tv ads: http://politi.co/1eLxJ7B

Politico September 16, 2013): A new poll confirms a libertarian renaissance in 2013: http://politi.co/1eLxJ7B

The Wall Street Journal (September 16, 2013): The Republican Party is gaining a public-opinion edge on several key issues ahead of the 2014 elections: http://on.wsj.com/180qQul

Wilder Visions (September 11, 2013): Is Obama living up to the expectations of the Nobel committee that handed him an early Peace Prize?: https://wildervisions.com/

Bloomberg (September 11, 2013): “ Obama should quit trying to squash school choice in the states and cities that embrace it”: http://bloom.bg/17RWIRM

NY Daily News (September 11, 2013): NY Daily News: Today, the names of the murdered will be read – let there be no more of them: http://nydn.us/19GBqYB

Richmond Times-Dispatch (September 11, 2013): Cuccinelli’s recent donation of Star CEO’s gifts to charity and political strategy indicative of campaign worries?: http://bit.ly/189j3hH

The Weekly Standard (September 11, 2013): Putin didn’t save Obama, he beat him: http://bit.ly/19EldTI

The Bullet (September 10, 2013): Young Democrats have a solid base membership – and are becoming influential in the McAuliffe campaign: http://bit.ly/17nqxKU

Politico (September 10, 2013): Cuccinelli and McAuliffe aim to eliminate several business taxes: http://politi.co/1azopVj

The Washington Post (September 10, 2013): GOP strategist Boyd Marcus’s move to McAuliffe campaign seen as sign of party rift: http://wapo.st/182SACh

The Washington Post (September 10, 2013): Veteran Democratic strategist says he’s pulling for Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race: http://wapo.st/18Jz4Hj

TriCities (September 10, 2013): Syrian decision is one of many events likely to shape Virginia’s gubernatorial race: http://bit.ly/1dYhRzU

Politico (September 5, 2013): My students will have an opportunity to ask questions to Cuccinelli and McAuliffe today from 4-6pm: http://politi.co/15xwGBi

Cleveland (September 5, 2013): Obama wants Congress to hold him back?: http://bit.ly/1dUUB6G

The New York Times (September 5, 2013): Big primary election for mayor of New York City next week: http://nyti.ms/1520xoS

Fox News (September 5, 2013): Is Russia a bigger threat than Syria? Putin warns Russia could come to Syria’s aid over US strike: http://fxn.ws/17SsjGJ

Yahoo News (September 4, 2013): Kerry: Military action in Syria should not entail American boots on the ground: http://yhoo.it/18Dsj8v

Richmond Times-Dispatch (September 4, 2013): Cuccinelli says McAuliffe is the only candidate under formal investigation: http://bit.ly/17oCug6

USA TODAY (September 4, 2013): Bill Clinton stands behind the President’s health care law – urges unity: http://usat.ly/19iPuqV

The Washington Post (September 4, 2013): Are the people ahead of the politicians on Syria?: http://wapo.st/14VIPTX

The Wall Street Journal (September 3, 2013): Recent polls show limited support among Americans for military action in Syria: http://on.wsj.com/1dIO7Ib

The Boston Globe (September 3, 2013): Nuclear power expected to have a shrinking role in our nation’s energy mix: http://b.globe.com/196tpMm

USA TODAY (September 3, 2013): Some two-year technical degrees produce higher starting salaries than four-year bachelor’s degrees: http://usat.ly/15Qu3xG

The Washington Post (September 3, 2013): For Cuccinelli and McAuliffe, motivating the base will be key in VA Gov race: http://wapo.st/17thKI3

National Journal (September 2, 2013): “I Have a Dream” commemoration full of missed opportunities?: http://bit.ly/1dASELH

Politico (September 2, 2013): On foreign policy, is Obama the antithesis of George W. Bush?: http://politi.co/135PVEa

The Washington Post (September 2, 2013): Justice Dept. petitions to bar disadvantaged students from getting the better educational opportunities they are due: http://wapo.st/15mN4o8

The Roanoke Times (September 2, 2013): Recent polling shows McAuliffe with a widening lead and Sarvis at or near double digits: http://bit.ly/14lqtIh

WilderVisions (August 30, 2013): An announcement about the ind. Wilder School @ VCU made by our Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs: http://bit.ly/18rafP4

The New York Times (August 30, 2013): The Republican majorities in the Missouri legislature hope to enact bizarre gun legislation : http://nyti.ms/17na1LH

USA TODAY (August 30, 2013): George W. Bush: Obama has ‘tough call’ to make on Syria: http://usat.ly/16Wwkae

Politico (August 30, 2013): Our president – stuck in a go-it-alone spot: http://politi.co/15qIFQ8

Pleased to announce the L. Douglas Wilder School of Gov’t and Public Affairs is an ind. school at VCU,separate from the College of Hum & Sci

NBC29 (August 29, 2013): People shouldn’t wait around for another galvanizing figure like King, but rather take action now: http://bit.ly/15nxyHA

NBC NEWS (August 29, 2013): Senate remains a glass ceiling for African-American politicians in years since 1963 march: http://nbcnews.to/15iOwH9

The Washington Post (August 29, 2013): Since my race for Gov. in ’89, VA voter turnout has declined every 4 yrs. In 2009-40.4% of reg.voters cast a ballot:http://wapo.st/1dmFL8V

The Washington Post (August 29, 2013): “We must remember the generations who carried themselves with great dignity in the face of unspeakable injustice…”: http://wapo.st/17cDp5a

Tune in to @FoxNews at 4p –I will be on Your World w/ @TeamCavuto

Boston Globe (August 28, 2013): MLK: A modern founding father: http://b.globe.com/15vE17o

Politico (August 28, 2013): Obama is moving quickly on reaching a decision on how to respond to Syria’s use of chemical weapons: http://politi.co/1c9mpAa

Boston Globe (August 28, 2013): Clinton associate and business partners connected to Terry McAuliffe and GreenTech Automotive controversy: http://b.globe.com/18UvjiV

Wilder Visions (August 26, 2013): The times still call for us to continue to strive for more of both jobs and freedom: http://bit.ly/16LlnrX

NBC NEWS (August 26, 2013): Why Terry McAuliffe’s winning in the race for governor? Simple: Follow the money: http://nbcnews.to/1d5oxg6

Real Clear Politics (August 26, 2013): Is Obama good for black Americans?: http://bit.ly/16kN0nZ

Politico (August 26, 2013): Black civil rights leaders: President Barack Obama isn’t the second coming of Martin Luther King Jr.: http://politi.co/15q30ZS

NPR (August 23, 2013): Republicans have their hands full if they hope to close the gender gap in VA gov race: http://n.pr/12qr6CD

News Max (August 23, 2013): A new Quinnipiac poll shows McDonnell scandals are hurting Cuccinelli’s ratings: http://bit.ly/150XoIf

Real Clear Politics (August 23, 2013): Oh, how things have changed for the Republican trio – McDonnell, Bolling, and Cuccinelli: http://bit.ly/14F1zmT

Politico (August 23, 2013): Dem poll shows McAuliffe with a lead over his opponent in the VA gov race: http://politi.co/1dayHv0

The New York Times (August 23, 2013): Demographic shifts may help Dems break the president-governor political trend in VA: http://nyti.ms/176BfGj

Miami Herald (August 21, 2013): Boyd Marcus, veteran GOP strategist, is endorsing and advising Terry McAuliffe: http://hrld.us/16ZLx9a

Richmond Times-Dispatch (August 21, 2013): VA governor’s race is finally pivoted from personality to policy : http://bit.ly/16E3Uny

News Max (August 21, 2013): Robert Sarvis the spoiler in the Virginia gov. race?: http://bit.ly/16Xc8nm

The Washington Post (August 21, 2013): Bob McDonnell says he will serve out term as VA governor: http://wapo.st/180CmEl

USA TODAY (August 19, 2013): Bill Clinton: King’s Dream speech should live on to motivate our grandchildren to fight in freedom: http://usat.ly/14DFc04

BND (August 19, 2013): Sarvis takes advantage of the political conditions of VA – that seem almost tailor-made for a Libertarian candidate: http://bit.ly/18FhEMo

Daily Press (August 19, 2013): McAuliffe and Cuccinelli support tweaking a federal tax credit program to cover the historic rehabilitation of aging schools: http://bit.ly/12io82O

Politico (August 19, 2013): Martin attorney: ‘Slippery slope’ from stop-and-frisk: http://politi.co/19C3joI

Forbes (August 16, 2013): Forbes: Obama Plays Politics With The NSA: http://onforb.es/17uYlUY

Politico (August 16, 2013): Gov. Howard Dean will be returning to Iowa to speak at the Iowa Federation of Labor convention: http://politi.co/17S9Vs9

Politico (August 16, 2013): GW Bush’s daughter Barbara wants to see HR Clinton run for president in 2016: http://politi.co/12aIrPP

The Nation (August 16, 2013): This isn’t 1963 but 2013, still, many issues are giving rise to another March on Washington on August 24: http://bit.ly/1bD6AkU

Politico (August 15, 2013): RGA far outpaced DGA in fundraising for the first 6 months of 2013 (24M v. 13.4M): http://politi.co/14BBdRz

The Daily Caller (August 15, 2013): Is this year’s race for governor making Virginians bored of politics?: http://bit.ly/17pKejQ

The Fresno Bee (August 15, 2013): NY donor gives Cuccinelli PAC $500,000 – largest single cash donation of 2013: http://bit.ly/17s0YH6

The Washington Post (August 15, 2013): Forecasting elections not just with polls but with Twitter?: http://wapo.st/15s81ga

Richmond Times-Dispatch (August 14, 2013): Bill Bolling calls taking on Cuccinelli and McAuliffe a long shot – but does not rule out a write-in: http://bit.ly/13zrGvb

Bill Bolling: “Given the way this campaign has evolved it may well have broke our way.”

The Washington Post (August 14, 2013): Will McAullife’s business nightmare change to a political dream? : http://wapo.st/15Bk5vt

The Washington Post (August 14, 2013): Cuccinelli unveils an education plan that pushes for charter schools and expands voucher-like scholarships for preschoolers: http://wapo.st/15ytuE5

Richmond Times-Dispatch (August 14, 2013): Va. investigating AG office’s role in gas royalty case: http://bit.ly/1d3GtFh

The Washington Post (August 13, 2013): In reforming the IRS and restoring the public’s trust in the agency…some want politics out of the picture: http://wapo.st/1cII0lM

The Boston Globe (August 13, 2013): At 14, Andrew Walker is the youngest African-American to compete in the US Amateur: http://b.globe.com/14FL8cZ

Fox News (August 13, 2013): Robert Sarvis knows he is a long shot – but holds onto the optimism and enthusiasm needed to at least shake up the VAGov race: http://fxn.ws/1cUx8Q1

Salon (August 13, 2013): Virginia and NYC races pose distractions for HR Clinton: http://bit.ly/16NAuSh

Politico (August 13, 2013): Rove: Obama has accomplished nothing in his second term; therefore, we are looking to 2016: http://politi.co/1bsc6XA

Politico (August 12, 2013): HR Clinton to host Terry McAuliffe fundraiser next month – both will need each other in securing the commonwealth in ’13 and ‘16: http://politi.co/14vZm09

The New York Times (August 12, 2013): As his senate drive begins, Mayor Cory A. Brooker races to find a buyer for his web company that has “effectively stalled out”: http://nyti.ms/164knyA

The New York Times (August 12, 2013): McAuliffe’s Greentech show politicians or people with political backgrounds dangerous to business?: http://nyti.ms/15vssZy

Politico (August 12, 2013): Harry Reid hopss GOP opposition to Obama’s legislative priorities isn’t based on the president’s race: http://politi.co/17CC06D

Real Clear Politics (August 12, 2013): McAuliffte’s sales pitch souring? Greentech failed to produce the jobs McAuliffe had promised: http://bit.ly/1ce0iMj

Richmond Times-Dispatch (August 12, 2013): Issues that were thought to trouble the electorate become latent to the AG’s relationship to gift scandal: http://bit.ly/17GK86a

The Washington Post (August 9, 2013): VA doctor who lent McDonnell 50k was offered medical board appointment: Quid pro quo?: http://wapo.st/136bhTY

Powerline (August 9, 2013): A sale of the New York Times in the foreseeable future? The countdown clock has started: http://bit.ly/175cnwl

Huffington Post (August 9, 2013) Florida experiences another case under the state’s controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ law: http://huff.to/15RJEi8

ABC NEWS (August 9, 2013): In McAuliffe’s former car company, echoes of Romney and Bain –Have the tables turned for the Dems?: http://abcn.ws/14d0AZW

The Washington Post (August 8, 2013): With the VA air poisoned with the most toxic ethics scandals in years – where is reform in our ethics laws?: http://wapo.st/1cwjW5p

Politico (August 8, 2013): Campaigning across the Commonwealth – McAuliffe and Cuccinelli battle for the new Virginia: http://politi.co/16CyxIf

Politico (August 8, 2013): 30 percent of Dems back Chris Christie in NJ – indicative of a 2016 threat to a Dem presidential challenger?: http://politi.co/195Np23

Watchdog (August 8, 2013): Issue and candidate financing reflects VA as a political thunderdome: http://bit.ly/19LJI4G

ABC NEWS (August 7, 2013): McDonnell refinances private properties – freeing up cash amid gift controversy: http://abcn.ws/18aCNhe

The Globe and Mail (August 7, 2013): Putin isn’t humiliating but testing Washington and the Obama Administration: http://bit.ly/19N8GAG

The Washington Post (August 7, 2013): Gov.s” race in Va. drips with venom: http://wapo.st/14y530i

NPR (August 7, 2013): Negative campaign between Cuccinelli and McAuliffe could keep voters home: http://n.pr/19KrZdC

National Review (August 6, 2013): Watergate and the scandals within the Obama Administration are strongly in accord with one another (Living in 2013 or 1973?): http://bit.ly/13JQUXD

The Root (August 6, 2013): “Southern states are moving quickly to change laws that will adversely affect minority voters.”: http://wapo.st/16v1NR8

The Washington Post (August 6, 2013): McAuliffe’s Gov campaign the ground floor of a would be HR Clinton presidential run?: http://wapo.st/14WW6qo

Politico (August 6, 2013):McAuliffe: No Knowledge of SEC probe: http://politi.co/19KOeAh

Richmond Times-Dispatch (August 6, 2013): Libertarian nominee Robert C. Sarvis hopes Virginians want another choice for governor: http://bit.ly/13OOVAf

Politico (August 5, 2013): Turnout for VA Obamacare event captured the national ambivalence about the health law: http://politi.co/14bnapZ

Quartz (August 5, 2013): The US government’s federal debt far greater than the reported total Treasury debt outstanding at about ($16.74 trillion)?: http://bit.ly/148sAls

Politico (August 5, 2013): Jindal directs sharp rhetoric at McAuliffe re the SEC investigation of a car company McAuliffe co-founded: http://politi.co/16Uo1do

The Washington Post (August 5, 2013): McAuliffe trapped in an SEC investigation for the solicitation of foreign investors by GreenTech Automotive: http://wapo.st/16p5mbt

Politico (August 5, 2013): The one word definition of politics is money… McAuliffe, billionaire Tom Steyer, and $$$ join forces in VA: http://politi.co/1cpKWUc

Huffington Post (August 2, 2013): Changes such as drought, flood and high temperatures strongly correlate with spikes in conflict: http://huff.to/18V5mni

The Wall Street Journal (August 2, 2013): The Dems tactic to blame the IRS scandal on the work of a few rogue agents becomes harder to do: http://on.wsj.com/16KGSHG

Fox News (August 2, 2013): VA taxpayers now owe thousands in legal fees in result to McDonnell probe: http://fxn.ws/1chO56F

Fox News (August 2, 2013): VA Gov’s race garners incredible attention for its fierceness and 2016 implications: http://fxn.ws/13fgC9W

TIME (August 1, 2013): U.S. making an economic comeback?: http://ti.me/141YEHw

Politico (August 1, 2013): Oprah is back in the political spotlight – hosting a fundraiser for Cory Booker: http://politi.co/13yXKOF

Richmond Times-Dispatch (August 1, 2013): EW Jackson claims slaying of Trayvon Martin was not racially motivated: http://bit.ly/1ci30iO

Politico (August 1, 2013): A haunting “I told you so” from HR Clinton to Obama: http://politi.co/13p4l2F

Politico (July 30, 2013): Recent NARAL poll reveals abortion is a significant issue for Virginia voters – indicative of increased female turnout for McAuliffe: http://politi.co/16tfCgQ

Politico (July 30, 2013): Ralph Nader: HR Clinton needs a challenger from the left because she has lost her progressive cred: http://politi.co/16fnDIg

Real Clear Politics (July 30, 2013): This is Obama’s economy and he must stand behind it: http://bit.ly/1612Vdc

Miami Herald (July 30, 2013): “You may think the jury got it wrong. But that doesn’t mean they were a lynch mob, or that 2013 America is 1955 Mississippi.”: http://hrld.us/162T8mR

Richmond Times-Dispatch (July 29, 2013): The blending of business and politics to haunt the McAuliffe campaign: http://bit.ly/1795xEW

The Washington Post (July 29, 2013): Addressing the quality and cost of higher education with massive open online courses: http://wapo.st/1bsDBDB

The New York Times (July 29, 2013): Upward social and economic mobility is low for Detroit…but also Atlanta: http://nyti.ms/1c4KkD8

Politico (July 29, 2013): Cuccinelli paints McAuliffe as the Dem version of Mitt Romney: http://politi.co/19sgA1X

Real Clear Politics (July 26, 2013): Obamacare an expensive failure?: http://bit.ly/1bUuKtL

Real Clear Politics (July 26, 2013): The GOP faces a severe female candidate problem: http://bit.ly/17HYYez

TIME (July 26, 2013): VA businesses are not sold on Cuccinelli and McAuliffe: http://ti.me/1bMRKLh

CNN (July 26, 2013): VA governor resignation (however, unlikely) may solve one GOP problem yet create another: http://bit.ly/174A06W

Politico (July 25, 2013): ’13 VA Gov. race could be key to fate of VA Medicaid expansion: http://politi.co/1dXnMRq

Richmond Times-Dispatch (July 25, 2013): VA Gubernatorial campaigns are mainly funded from “outside” VA: http://bit.ly/13RjEMQ

CBS NEWS (July 25, 2013):CBS poll finds more Americans than ever want Obamacare repealed: http://cbsn.ws/168QP1g

Politico (July 25, 2013): HR Clinton too old to be president?: http://politi.co/13aWzVb

New York Post (July 24, 2013): New York Post reports – college debt is ruining lives: http://bit.ly/12dNf9h

The Guardian (July 24, 2013): Female voters the key to Dems holding the US Senate?: http://bit.ly/1aGK4Hq

Real Clear Science (July 24, 2013): Zimmerman trial has refocused the national dialogue on race relations in America: http://bit.ly/15GfEBQ

Politico (July 24, 2013): Obama’s approval nears all-time low – the same as George W. Bush’s was at this point in his second term: http://politi.co/15IcZYu

Fox News (July 23, 2013): IRS abuse so widespread it originated or sustained from just a few “line people?”: http://fxn.ws/1bNZdrR

CNN (July 23, 2013): VA Gov candidates say Bob McDonnell should at least contemplate stepping down: http://bit.ly/14r2ufb

Politico (July 23, 2013): Reactions to Zimmerman verdict vary drastically along racial and party lines: http://politi.co/16WTV7Z

Politico (July 23, 2013): RGA poised to launch its first ads this week for the ‘13 VA governor’s race: http://politi.co/11avYLm

News Observer (July 23, 2013): @APBobLewis:@TerryMcAuliffe caught up in crowd support & debate mechanics– misstates findings of investigative report:http://bit.ly/1dSjb2V

Politico (July 22, 2013): Between Cuccinelli and McAuliffe – a debate about trust: http://politi.co/132Kb9R

Politico (July 22, 2013): McCain, Romney debate coach Brett O’Donnell joins team Cuccinelli: http://politi.co/15Al0OX

Huffington Post (July 22, 2013): Huffington Post: Black America still reaching for MLK’s Dream: http://huff.to/17ujkb5

Roanoke Times (July 22, 2013): Could conflicting polls in VA’s governor’s race bear a resemblance to Schrödinger’s cat: http://bit.ly/1aZmfOE

Real Clear Politics (July 18, 2013): Quinnipiac and Roanoke College offer differing data on VA’s gubernatorial race: http://bit.ly/8ZcfgE

CNN (July 18, 2013): 2014 to be an election cycle defined by the Trayvon voter?: http://bit.ly/1dHdapI

CBS News (July 18, 2013): A steadily improving Mandela celebrates his 95th birthday in a Pretoria hospital: http://cbsn.ws/12JZhWp

Politico (July 18, 2013): In WY, Liz Cheney’s best weapon – Dick Cheney: http://politi.co/1dFEBA0

CNN (July 17, 2013): From once considered possible ’16 prez candidate to potential resignation as Governor of VA – McDonnell’s numbers plummet: http://bit.ly/1bIhxCG

Richmond Times-Dispatch (July 17, 2013): Terry McAuliffe gains traction among the electorate and “significantly” widens campaign funding over Cuccinelli: http://bit.ly/13gAuc6

The New York Times (July 17, 2013): Cuccinelli’s ties to Executive are apparent but not as troublesome as those associated with VA’s Governor: http://nyti.ms/12Fm5lg

Huffington Post (July 17, 2013): There is a dire need to create a post-racial America for our children and grandchildren beginning today: http://huff.to/1aFAEPG

Politico (July 16, 2013): More voters disapprove of McDonnell than approve for the first time since he took office: http://politi.co/12BUTbW

National Review (July 16, 2013): Jay Leno – the conservative hero? His job as host of The Tonight Show is business, not politics: http://bit.ly/18iCZfe

CNN (July 16, 2013): President Obama’s interference in a local law enforcement matter inappropriate?: http://bit.ly/12tWo8o

The Washington Post (July 16, 2013): Anthony Brown seeks to be the first black governor of MD–is noted for his work in repealing the MD’s death penalty: http://wapo.st/18jCTrb

Wilder Visions (July 15, 2013): America can’t stand this kind of justice: http://bit.ly/144twsz

Politico (July 15, 2013): @The_RGA could go on air in the VA gubernatorial race as the Dem side of the air waves goes negative: http://politi.co/15fuuPw

Bloomberg (July 15, 2013): Look out for Robby Mook-the campaign manager of @TerryMcAuliffe & potential architect of @HillaryClinton’s campaign: http://bloom.bg/13bfp2N

The New York Times (July 15, 2013): @nytimes: “If only Florida could give him back his life as easily as it is giving back George Zimmerman’s gun”: http://nyti.ms/1aHCvDN

Politico (July 12, 2013): Bill Clinton to raise $$$ for longtime friend-McAuliffe: http://politi.co/13Fp0lq

National Journal (July 12, 2013): VA politicians call for stricter gift laws – including both of the state’s gubernatorial candidates: http://bit.ly/1aeXR7Q

Real Clear Politics (July 12, 2013): RCP: McDonnell unfit for office? At times, money is a swift route to political downfall – can be terminal, or even criminal: http://bit.ly/15AvAaG

The Economist (July 12, 2013):The Economist: Will the “war on women” rhetoric help Democrats?: http://econ.st/12pCrmG

WJLA (July 11, 2013):Post 4th of July fireworks in VA’s gubernatorial race?: http://wj.la/13I9GDe

Real Clear Markets (July 11, 2013): America’s leadership will need to pay serious attention to the collapse of work in modern America: http://bit.ly/186yLao

Politico (July 11, 2013): There is a notable resurgence of our former president: speaking on immigration reform, AIDS in Africa, and gay marriage: http://politi.co/186dVba

Richmond Times-Dispatch (July 11, 2013): VA falls to 5th in CNBC list of best states for business: http://bit.ly/176hmxr

Reuters (July 9, 2013): “VA chef embezzlement trial hasn’t even taken place, and already it’s been a first-rate disaster for the Republicans”: http://reut.rs/12zgFcq

NBC (July 9, 2013): Cuccinelli not worried about VA mansion chef politics: http://bit.ly/12okOyN

BBC (July 9, 2013): Mandela is “uniting the nation without even saying a word”: http://bbc.in/12Qwdf3

Real Clear Politics (July 9, 2013): Now, Perry has something he lacked the last time around: time: http://bit.ly/1dbFJez

Richmond Times- Dispatch (July 8, 2013): UVa Rector George Keith Martin is no stranger to trailblazing: http://bit.ly/1a3AgXy

Politico (July 8, 2013): New poll indicates Americans do not want their children to go into politics as a career: http://politi.co/1afNh3R

The Telegraph (July 8, 2013): “Murray maintained his mastery of that awkward yellow ball through everything that Djokovic threw at him”: http://bit.ly/1a3NTWG

Bloomberg (July 8, 2013): On some issues the U.S. is taking a progressive march: http://bloom.bg/12b3xuc

“May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country!” Wishing everyone a happy and safe Independence Day!

Salon (July 4, 2013): Fed-up women the key to Dem success in blood red Repub states?: http://bit.ly/12EY65l

Boston Globe (July 4, 2013): Mandela should be honored for his symbolic synergy between America’s democracy and liberation struggles around the world: http://b.globe.com/12DA9zO

Politico (July 4, 2013): Sen. Ted Cruz leads ’16 GOP and Dem hopefuls in a political-matchup in the Lone Star state: http://politi.co/1b9Bh1G

Watchdog (July 3, 2013): VA embezzlement trial may provide a significant political hurdle for VA GOP gubernatorial hopeful: http://bit.ly/1cNqkB3

The Wall Street Journal (July 3, 2013): For Egypt, a new age of political uncertainty is ushered in: http://on.wsj.com/14q5TbC

The Daily Beast (July 3, 2013): The Daily Beast: HR Clinton likely to again be traded in for a ‘new thing’ in 2016?: http://thebea.st/13n4DrN

Politico (July 3, 2013): Reactions and scenes from Egypt in wake of the ousting of President Morsi: http://politi.co/O9BA22

USA TODAY (July 2, 2013): Gabrielle Giffords: “Gun rights come with responsibilities”: http://usat.ly/1603eDy

The Wall Street Journal (July 2, 2013): WSJ: “The rightful term to describe a criminal trial that serves as a ‘referendum’ is ‘show trial.’”: http://on.wsj.com/14m0baE

Politico (July 2, 2013): If HR Clinton skips the ’16 run … long bout of depression for the party?: http://politi.co/17QSRbY

The Washington Post (July 2, 2013): The shadow of Obama’s predecessor has trailed him during his tour of South Africa: http://wapo.st/14HgL3J

The New Yorker (July 1, 2013): “Football fans have come to see criminal investigations as just another facet of the game”: http://nyr.kr/14aTqsi

Huffington Post (July 1, 2013): Huffington Post: Supreme Court Helps the GOP Revive the Era of Jim Crow: http://huff.to/19zUMCm

Los Angeles Times (July 1, 2013): Has the U.S. forgotten about the African continent and its many problems?: http://lat.ms/18kiiSG

Richmond Times-Dispatch (July 1, 2013): VP Biden fights to prevent “turning the state over to a tea party governor”: http://bit.ly/12ciPOV

Richmond Times-Dispatch (June 27, 2013): Judicial intervention of the Voting Rights Act justified or best left for a matter of elected officials to decide?: http://bit.ly/1aNElR7

The Atlantic (June 27, 2013): DOMA – a blemish on Bill Clinton’s legacy?: http://bit.ly/1cqjRMg

The Guardian (June 27, 2013): The Guardian: On the Voting Rights Act, the colour-blind have been led by the blind”: http://bit.ly/10j0iDd

Politico (June 27, 2013): Sen. Tom Harkin: The best solution to student loan rates is to advance a one-year extension of the current rate of 3.4 percent: http://politi.co/1aRcT4Z

Politico (June 26, 2013): Obama’s presidency in a dead zone? Some commentators avow political paralysis: http://politi.co/14mMtmh

Newsweek (June 26, 2013): Joshua DuBois on the fight for black men: “It is not a crisis of crime. It is a crisis of people being left behind.”: http://thebea.st/12aChdO

USA TODAY (June 26, 2013): Labor board appointments becomes front and center for SCOTUS: http://usat.ly/12b3K3t

USA TODAY (June 26, 2013): USA Today: Racial preferences punt opens door to facts: http://usat.ly/12eElpp

NBC NEWS (June 21, 2013): McAuliffe’s refusal to say whether he would defend Virginia’s right-to-work status deserves attention: http://nbcnews.to/12NwgtU

Politico (June 21, 2013): Most of the American people say “no arms to Syria”: http://politi.co/15q81O9

CATO Institute (June 21, 2013): SCOTUS Salinas ruling place unnecessary burdens on the American people?: http://bit.ly/14G3bzr

Politico (June 21, 2013): Student loan deal close in reach – to prevent the doubling of loan rates: http://politi.co/10DqE5h

Politico (June 17, 2013): Trust and approval in our president drops significantly: http://politi.co/17fMRtc

WTOP (June 17, 2013): Lack of ideological diversity may stall VA voters in November: http://bit.ly/19IZMDG

Bloomberg (June 17, 2013): Bloomberg: The GOP has a get-out-of-jail moment for the Hispanic community: http://bloom.bg/1693JND

Washington Times (June 17, 2013): Chris Christie to seek Prez nomination against HR Clinton? Anything is possible: http://bit.ly/1bKLsau

Politico (June 17, 2013): IRS scandal may promulgate the needed clarity to rules governing nonprofit organizations: http://politi.co/16aXt7V

Politico (June 14, 2013): HR Clinton and Biden face defeat to Rubio and Christie in the competitive state of CO according to a recent poll: http://politi.co/11l6asQ

The Daily Beast (June 14, 2013): The Daily Beast reports on Issa vs. Cummings: http://thebea.st/16kXR4u

Los Angeles Times (June 14, 2013): Post Newtown … gun control is making gains, state by state: http://lat.ms/176ZXJ5

Politico (June 14, 2013): Since the NSA revelations, a group of House conservatives are causing a lot of headaches for leadership: http://politi.co/12Kbxs4

MSN Money (June 13, 2013): SCOTUS ruling on gene patents results in market effects: http://on-msn.com/14znUoD

Politico (June 13, 2013): Obamacare has resulted in lawmakers and aids considering early retirement or even quitting their jobs: http://politi.co/14ZkOa4

The Wall Street Journal (June 13, 2013): Rove: Obama credibility gap offers an opportunity for the GOP during the 2014 Midterms: http://bit.ly/16jEzML

The Wall Street Journal (June 13, 2013): “Inchoate anxieties that predated this presidency now worse?”: http://on.wsj.com/11XbJwv

Real Clear Policy (June 12, 2013): Jim Gilmore: GOP should reject internet tax: http://bit.ly/11altIm

Fox News (June 12, 2013): Certain Rep incumbents fall and Northam/Herring receive nod from the Dems: http://fxn.ws/1a2p7at

Politico (June 12, 2013): Obama’s preferred mode of action in times of crisis – “Trust me”: http://politi.co/14VHMis

USA TODAY (June 12, 2013): Dow suffers first 3-day drop this year: http://usat.ly/14w2KaN

The New York Times (June 11, 2013): JFK asking “Every American, regardless of where he lives,” to “stop and examine his conscience,” regarded as one of his finest moments: http://nyti.ms/17DOIqS

Politico (June 11, 2013): The Patriot Act has authorized government spying – will Congress now stop them?: http://politi.co/18umY9e

Politico (June 11, 2013): In wake of tea party targeting … IRS continues to make staff changes: http://politi.co/170WoUS

The Washington Times (June 11, 2013): 36k salary position in VA is garnering “incredible” attention – and for good reason: http://bit.ly/16WFy9B

National Review (June 10, 2013): Liberty jeopardized by the encroaching state?: http://bit.ly/13RdaQk

CNN (June 10, 2013): In the coming weeks, SCOTUS will announce historic decisions about how the government deals with race issues: http://bit.ly/11QLQOQ

Politico (June 10, 2013): @Politico presents: The nonprofits that profit politicians: http://politi.co/14sTggw

Early Returns (June 10, 2013): VA: The epicenter for 2013 political action: http://bit.ly/196I6BP

Yes Weekly (June 7, 2013): Yes Weekly: Our brave female cadets and soldiers deserve to be protected while they serve: http://bit.ly/18WvWeE

Daily Press (June 7, 2013): McAuliffe rakes in the $$$ – outpacing Cuccinelli by 1.5M between April 1-May 29 : http://bit.ly/11JHPvE

New Republic (June 7, 2013): Dems still need working-class white voters: http://on.tnr.com/ZNlLWF

Politico (June 7, 2013): Why Obama picked Susan Rice? http://politi.co/11oYHZN

Amazon (June 4, 2013): Clearly relevant – “Power to Destroy: The Political Uses of the IRS from Kennedy to Nixon”: http://amzn.to/13jHbsM

Fox News (June 4, 2013): Many claim Obama is still an amateur president: http://fxn.ws/130Hszf

Bloomberg (June 4, 2013): SCOTUS’ ruling on DNA bring the US a step closer to ‘Gattaca’ and an Orwellian society?: http://bloom.bg/15vEtRm

Politico (June 4, 2013): Politico investigates the GOP “brand” challenge in wooing young voters: http://politi.co/17iMKMv

Wilder Visions (June 3, 2013): My response to the claim that health care critics are motivated by race: http://bit.ly/18JuAnu

Politico (June 3, 2013): RPV problem: No daylight between Cuccinelli and Jackson?: http://politi.co/11kvty8

The Wall Street Journal (June 3, 2013): “Quite different when elites use the machinery of government against ordinary people rather than other elites”: http://on.wsj.com/1aJPe3j

US News (June 3, 2013): Voters don’t seem to care about who is running for VAGov just yet: http://bit.ly/11cmL1K

Politico (May 31, 2013): The key question about the IRS controversy is, “Who in the Obama administration was involved?”: http://politi.co/10KcJFh

National Journal (May 31, 2013): RPV’s slate of candidates poisonous to the GOP’s long-term health?: http://bit.ly/18xNRrK

Politico (May 31, 2013): Both candidates for VAGov are experiencing “underwater” approval ratings – a recent PPP survey reports: http://politi.co/Zx2LM9

Real Clear Politics (May 31, 2013): Degree of dislike may decide VAGov race: http://bit.ly/15bTqbz

NPR (May 30, 2013): EW Jackson has both parties grinning from ear to t ear: http://n.pr/117l2L6

Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 30, 2013): In VA, when a nonviolent felon has paid their debt to society – they can again secure their rights: http://bit.ly/18sBJIy

The Washington Post (May 30, 2013): VAGovRace: “The race with the most implications for both the 2014 midterms and the 2016 presidential race.”: http://wapo.st/113e5tI

Real Clear Politics (May 30, 2013): Obama need a Google alert set for “Eric Holder”? Seems that way.: http://bit.ly/17rr2qi

The Wall Street Journal (May 29, 2013): Confidence in the revenue-gathering arm of our government lost?: http://on.wsj.com/189FPFp

The New York Times (May 29, 2013): NYT: Can money drive a beguiling extremist to victory?: http://nyti.ms/13XRjIM

Politico (May 29, 2013): “HR Clinton needs to learn from past mistakes, but also be herself”: http://politi.co/15ifsZG

CBS 6 (May 29, 2013): Slavery is a story that needs to be told: http://bit.ly/18qYmx6

Is the GOP better off keeping Holder around to question and “kick around” (ala Dick Nixon)?

Are the Dems better off throwing Holder under the bus, as intimated by David Axlerod?

The Hill (May 28, 2013): Juan Williams: SCOTUS should not risk racial progress on voting rights: http://bit.ly/19gwLNW

Politico (May 28, 2013): Obamacare continues to be disfavored by the majority: http://politi.co/13el99J

The Daily Beast (May 28, 2013): How many more scandals needed to break the camel’s back? : http://thebea.st/Z8Liax

Real Clear Politics (May 28, 2013): RCP confronts the Obama riddle: http://bit.ly/11qNNr9

Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 27, 2013): For me, memories of fellow comrades that never returned home…like Jim Cunningham beckon each Memorial Day: http://bit.ly/17bYO2s

Wilder Visions (May 27, 2013): Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share commentary and analysis of the upcoming VAGov race w/ Melissa Harris-Perry: http://bit.ly/11sqBZx

BBC (May 27, 2013): Thousands able to complete last mile of Boston Marathon – “We’ll get our finish” : http://bbc.in/14P6jbs

Policymic (May 27, 2013): Et tu, Cuccinelli?: http://bit.ly/11sqZad

I am scheduled to be on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show at 10a Sunday.The Va Governor’s race will be among the topics discussed.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 24, 2013): Doubtful Jackson “can ignite much response in the African-American community.

Still, the Democrats have yet to show anyone what they’re going to do.: http://bit.ly/10Uyrt5

The Washington Post (May 24, 2013): Star Scientific v. State of Virginia headed for December trial: http://wapo.st/11dLBgB

Politico (May 24, 2013): Despite scrutiny by both the public and media, only 42 percent rate IRS job poor: http://politi.co/12Sr2KX

The Wall Street Journal (May 24, 2013): IRS officials will need to take responsibility for both corruption and abuse – instead of the current side-stepping: http://on.wsj.com/18niqht

Real Clear Politics (May 23, 2013): VA Gov from the party that does not hold the WH = A weak rule – ripe to be broken?: http://bit.ly/10TcUki

Politico (May 23, 2013): Relationship between Cuccinelli and McDonnell gets more “complicated”: http://politi.co/12xI1Ag

Blue Virginia (May 23, 2013): Herring dismisses and overlooks Fairfax – by already directing full-on attacks at Obenshain #Mistake?: http://bit.ly/16UiTKN

The New York Times (May 23, 2013): WP: EW Jackson may bring charisma and flare to the RPV but must shy from the level of conservative caricature: http://nyti.ms/13LN6Ew

Politico (May 22, 2013): Bolling: E.W. Jackson has made simply indefensible comments that would only reinforce negative perceptions of the GOP: http://politi.co/10PEzmm

National Journal (May 22, 2013): The blossoming of scandals from the Obama Admin is gaining little traction with voters…for now: http://bit.ly/1a0mFhW

The New York Times (May 22, 2013): The gloves are off – with the VA GOP’s new team taking jabs at both the IRS and the Obama Admin: http://nyti.ms/116kzHH

The American Spectator (May 22, 2013): Jackson garnered the attention of the GOP delegates-but can his controversial appeal extend across the Commonwealth?: http://bit.ly/12uEm6j

My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones that have been devastated by the recent forces of nature in OK.

May God put his shield of protection over the people of OK.

WHSV (May 21, 2013): Social Media spreads the news of the outcome for the GOP AG battle and what is to come between Fairfax and Herring: http://bit.ly/14sVI5X

Politico (May 21, 2013): The list continues to grow and grow on who did just know about the IRS investigation – but WH remains insolated: http://politi.co/10g2B6Z

National Journal (May 21, 2013): In these troubling times, the American people do not want confusion – but clarity: http://bit.ly/10Isn6X

The Washington Post (May 21, 2013): The convention undoubtedly helped Cuccinnelli secure the nomination but could it sink his chances in the long run?: http://wapo.st/10Ilj6a

The Washington Post (May 21, 2013): Will the WP endorsement of Justin Fairfax influence African-American Democratic leadership to switch from Mark Herring to Fairfax?: http://wapo.st/1638dcq

WilderVisions (May 20, 2013): The truth will come out – the President needs to get in front of it and lead: http://bit.ly/12p57sV

The Wall Street Journal (May 20, 2013): Racial gap in voting has dramatically diminished – recent surveys indicate: http://on.wsj.com/10GuDLM

The Washington Post (May 20, 2013): The VA GOP is ready for the 2013 fight w/ Cuccinelli, EW, and Obenshain: http://wapo.st/10GpmzS

VA’s Gov. race will serve as a political road map on the do’s and don’ts in 2016.

Bloomberg (May 20, 2013): Bloomberg speaks to how Obama can save his Admin from the pouring rain of scandals: http://bloom.bg/14F8P3r

The Washington Post (May 14, 2013): WP: Cuccinelli keeps McAuliffe on the defense and keeps him just as inept as he was in 2009:

“Give Cuccinelli his due”

The Washington Times (May 14, 2013): Obama already firmly secured his legacy – some believe so:

“PRUDEN: Obama finds his legacy”

Politico (May 14, 2013): Scandal politics sweep Capitol Hill – with political trials on the horizon :

“Scandal politics sweep Capitol Hill”

Human Events (May 14, 2013): IRS scandal displaying political shade over Benghazi? :


The Washington Post (May 6, 2013): Governor McDonnell remains popular with voters – 64% approval rating (+6 pts from 2012):

“Virginia governor popular with voters, Post poll finds”

The Washington Post (May 6, 2013): Terry McAuliffe has 69% of blacks’ support – short of what past Dems have received:

“McAuliffe has 69% of blacks’ support, but it might not be enough”

The Washington Post (May 6, 2013): Cuccinelli’s early lead over McAuliffe = swing state scrutiny?:

“Poll: Cuccinelli has early lead over McAuliffe in Virginia governor’s race”

The Washington Post (May 6, 2013): Among Cuccinelli’s supporters – nearly 75% are enthusiastic about supporting him:

“Q: (AMONG CUCCINELLI SUPPORTERS) Would you say you are very enthusiastic about supporting Cuccinelli somewhat enthusiastic, not so enthusiastic, or not enthusiastic at all? (Among registered voters)”

The Daily Beast (May 6, 2013): Daily Beast: Sentiments of racism espoused by the left:

“Yes, Democrats Can Be Racist”

The Washington Post (May 3, 2013): Obama fails to increase or even maintain diversity in his cabinet:

“Obama’s Cabinet nearly complete, if not completely diverse”

Politico (May 3, 2013): Polls suggest HR Clinton has already won the WH:

“Poll: Hillary Clinton runs away with White House”

The Washington Post (May 3, 2013): The rise and fall of Obama?:

“Obama: The fall”

Slate (May 3, 2013): To prevent a political win for Obama- Reps are less inclined to support background checks:

“Keeping his Distance”

ESPN (April 30, 2013): Jason Collins garners “incredible support”:

“Jason Collins: Support ‘incredible’”

USA TODAY (April 30, 2013): Obama calls on Congress to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay:

“Obama: We need to close Guantanamo Bay”

The New York Times (April 30, 2013): Beneath rosy GDP figure are disturbing economic signs:

“The Warnings Behind the Numbers”

Politico (April 30, 2013): African-Americans are scarce and “bordering on extinct in the U.S. Senate and governorships,” despite 2 Obama pres. victories:

“Black pols stymied in Obama era”

Politico (April 26, 2013): Obama suffering from a hubris problem?:

“Obama’s hubris problem”

CNN (April 26, 2013): NAACP Chief:

“Addressing inequities of mass incarceration” is the place to start to garner the black vote:

“NACCP chief: A GOP path to black votes”

The Washington Post (April 26, 2013):Legacy of GW Bush: He kept us safe:

“The Bush Legacy”

USA Today (April 26, 2013): GDP report hints at slowing growth:

“GDP report hints at slowing growth”

Bloomberg (April 17, 2013): HR Clinton – America’s Thatcher?:

“Could Hillary Clinton Be America’s Thatcher”

The Boston Globe (April 17, 2013): The Boston Globe: Things will be same again:

“Things will be the same again”

Politico (April 17, 2013): Red State Dems raise millions:

“Red-state Democrats raise millions”

The Boston Globe (April 17, 2013): Justice soon to be served for the unimaginable that struck Boston:

“A perfect Marathon day, then the unimaginable”

Politico (April 10, 2013): Obama’s overall approval ticked up but has fallen on his handling of key issues:

“Poll: Obama underwater on guns, immigration, deficit”

The New York Times (April 10, 2013): Strong indications that the current VP is not the favorite for 2016:

“Early Line for 2016 Shows a VP Who’s Not the Favorite”

USA TODAY (April 10, 2013): Plan to save the USPS $2 Billion a year has been dropped:

“Postal service delays plan to end Saturday mail”

The Daily Beast (April 10, 2013): Obama’s failure to prevail on legislation a possible boost for Dem’s chances of winning back the House?:

“Obama Could Win in 2014 Midterms by Losing Legislative Battles Now”

Mediaite (April 8, 2013): BET founder: Obama getting a pass from blacks:

“BET Founder To O’Reilly: Obama Getting A Pass From Blacks, O’Reilly Pushes Back On ‘Institutionalized Racism’”

Real Clear Politics (April 8, 2013): Obama liable for political malpractice? :

“An Act of Political Malpractice”

BuzzFeed(April 8, 2013): Change in management tactics – Now, Obama is in charge of the WH:

“Obama Takes Control In The Second Term”

Politico (April 8, 2013): Obama’s legacy in the hands of Congress?:

“Hill holds President Obama’s legacy in its hands”

Bloomberg (April 3, 2013): US economy added fewer jobs than forecast – as jobs from superstorm Sandy faded:

“ADP Data Shows US Economy Added Fewer Jobs than Forecast”

National Journal (April 3, 2013): News Alert: Colbert’s sister could defeat Mark Sanford:

“Why Stephen Colbert’s Sister Could Defeat Mark Sanford”

CNN (April 3, 2013): Too early for media to crown HR Clinton – remember, few thought Obama would have defeated the Clinton Machine:

“Media, stop trying to crown Hillary Clinton”

Politico (April 3, 2013): HR Clinton’s prez campaign begins in VA – this year…McAuliffe’s campaign is a testing ground for her clout and donors:

“Hillary Clinton’s first test”

New York Magazine (April 2, 2013): Republicans plot filibuster to avoid gun control:

“Republicans Still Not Ready for Gun Control, Plotting Filibuster Instead”

The Washington Post (April 2, 2013): Star Scientific becomes center of attention for Cuccinelli’s financial disclosure forms:

“VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s disclosure of stock holdings was delayed”

The New York Times (April 2, 2013): Times have changed from the generation to “find” a job to where now our kids will have to “invent” a job:

“Need a Job? Invent it”

USA TODAY (April 2, 2013): Research confirms KIPP students do better #charterschools:

“Charter school experiment a success: Our view”

The Washington Times (March 28, 2013) Quinnipiac U. survey indicates nearly half of the sampled votes have no opinion of McAuliffe:

“Poll: Virginia governor’s race remains a dead heat”

Daily Caller (March 28, 2013): GOP comeback scenario? – history may be on their side:

“Why Republicans could win the White House, Senate and hold the House by 2016”

ESPN (March 28, 2013): Coach Smart and the Havoc way is here to stay @VCU:

“Shaka Smart staying at VCU”

USA TODAY (March 28, 2013): USA TODAY: Waiting period for laws, not guns:

“Waiting period for laws, not guns: Column”

Politico (March 27, 2013): @Politico Newtown changed everything…but not Washington:

“Has Washington waited too long?”

The Wall Street Journal (March 27, 2013): The No. 1 cause of death for African-American men between the ages of 15 and 34: being murdered with a gun:

“Juan Williams: Race and the Gun Debate”

CNN (March 27, 2013): Polls suggest Cuccinelli & McAuliffe unknown to Va’s electorate:

“Virginia gov. poll: Who are these guys?”

Huffington Post (March 27, 2013): VA Gov Race 2013 = GOP’s grand political experiment:

“Ken Cuccinelli Run For Virginia Governor Marks Republic Experiment”

Daily Press (March 25, 2013):AG Cuccinelli claims Medicaid in VA and the recent transportation compromise in the GA are both unconstitutional:

“Cuccinelli says transportation bill, Medicaid expansion are illegal”

Richmond Times-Dispatch (March 25, 2013):RTD: “For VCU’s Smart, coaching is not all X’s and O’s”:

“For VCU’s Smart, coaching isn’t all X’s and O’s”

The Washington Post (March 25, 2013): Rep. Marcia L. Fudge, CBC chairman, sent Obama a letter urging African American consideration for high-level positions:

“Black Caucus, Marcia Fudge press White House on high-level appointments”

The Washington Times (March 25, 2013):No go for Joe in 2016 – Joe Biden’s free ride about to come to an end?:

“CURL: No go for Joe in 2016”

Richmond Times-Dispatch (March 22, 2013): Troubling news for the Cuccinelli campaign: 2012 video becomes at the forefront of the 2013 VA Governor’s race:

“2012 Cuccinelli video prompts dust-up over abortion”

TIME (March 22, 2013): Can we reach the “Almighty Dollar” status once again?:

“Can the U.S. Dollar Become Almighty Once Again?”

Real Clear Politics (March 22, 2013): Killing the assault weapons ban denying victims a vote?:

“Denying Victims a Vote”

Politico (March 22, 2013): Rep Cárdenas: Republicans have given us a pathway to poverty, when what we need is a road map to the American Dream:

“The budget that kills the American dream”

Politico (March 20, 2013): Dems in Colorado support new restrictions on firearms – despite shying away from the gun control debate in the past:

“Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signs gun control bills”

Real Clear Defense (March 20, 2013): In so many words – Hagel recognizes the world is more dangerous and is about to get even more so:

“U.S. Must Prioritize Missile Defense”

Forbes (March 20, 2013): @Forbes Federal Reserve’s answer for businesses’ reluctance to hire: Obamacare:

“The More Businesses Learn About Obamacare, The More Reluctant They Are To Hire”

Reason (March 20, 2013): “As of now,” outside the two political poles – voters are without “Unbridled joy” in this 2013 VA Governor’s race:

“Virginia Loses No Matter Who Wins Governor’s Race”

San Francisco Chronicle (March 18, 2013): As MLB continues to globalize – key demographics continue to vanish here at home:

SF Chronicle: “For the first time in memory, the Giants, reigning champions, have no African American players in camp this spring.”

“Baseball struggles to reach black America”

Politico (March 18, 2013): Bad News GOP: RNC concedes voters see the GOP as ‘scary’ and ‘out of touch’:

“RNC: Voters see GOP as ‘scary’ and ‘out of touch’”

Washington Examiner (March 18, 2013): McAuliffe dismayed by the threat from VA AG in derailing the transportation package that passed the GA:

“Terry McAuliffe hits Ken Cuccinelli for threatening transportation bill”

Roll Call (March 18, 2013): Grass-roots activists at this year’s CPAC appeared less divided than past conferences:

“At CPAC, Hunger for New Leadership”

Real Clear Policy (March 15, 2013): Report: Higher ED has hit a “critical juncture” in the evolution of its business model:

“Cash-Strapped Universities Turn Entrepreneurial”

Richmond Times-Dispatch (March 15, 2013): Some see that segregation is still with us here in the Commonwealth:

“Experts explore new segregation in schools”

The Washington Post (March 15, 2013): Cuccinelli addresses CPAC – puts principle over power:

“At CPAC, Cuccinelli bashes McAuliffe, vows to remain a ‘straight shooter’”

Union Leader (March 15, 2013): Scapegoats are thinning out for Obama – and “Who Americans trust more to handle the economy” is now a tossup:

“Obama’s 2nd term: Will the governing ever start?”

National Review (March 14, 2013): @PilotNews illuminates McAuliffe’s VA problems and with the details that define and delineate the great honor he is seeking:

“McAuliffe Struggles with the Details”

Real Clear Politics (March 14, 2013): Market volatility: the sign of the Bull or a Bubble?:

“A New Bull Market –or a Bubble?”

Real Clear Politics (March 14, 2013): @Barack Obama is mistaken in affirming debt is in a sustainable place and will remain that way for the next 10 years:

“In Reality, Debt Matters. It Matters a Lot”

Politico (March 14, 2013): During Obama’s 4th year in office – approval of U.S. leadership throughout the world fell considerably:

“World poll: Image of U.S. declines”

Richmond Times-Dispatch (March 14, 2013): @RTDSchapiro almost got it right with “Politics is McAuliffe’s principal business, even if he sometimes practices it awkwardly.”:

“Schapiro: McAuliffe’s challenge-to be trusted, liked”

Virginia Pilot (March 13, 2013): McAuliffe’s lack of state government experience will not go unnoticed:

“McAuliffe faces Cuccinelli, inexperience in race”

The Washington Post (March 13, 2013): The VA transportation bill a broken promise or one of the most substantial achievements by a VA governor in years?:

“Tinkering could kill Virginia’s transportation bill”

USA TODAY (March 13, 2013): The alternatives to public education are getting better and more attractive:

“Public school insanity: Column”

The Huffington Post (March 13, 2013): Obama’s “post-election honeymoon” is coming to an end with falling approval ratings:

“Obama Approval Polls Show Post-Inauguration Decline”

Politico (March 12, 2013): Bill Bolling bows out of the battle royale – with no hint of an endorsement:

“Bill Bolling rejects run as independent in Virginia governor’s race”

The Washington Post (March 12, 2013): Chair of Cong. Black Caucus notices a blatant absence of African Americans from Obama’s Cabinet picks:

“Black Caucus chair questions Cabinet diversity”

Real Clear Politics (March 12, 2013): Sure CPAC has the marquee names – but are those names providing the needed admiration for conservatism?: #CPAC

“Trump Invite, Governor Snubs Pose Risk for CPAC”

Cleveland (March 12, 2013): Romney’s undoing was not because of a surge of black votes:

“Surge of black votes wasn’t Romney’s undoing: Brent Larkin”

Real Clear Politics (March 11, 2013): McAuliffe’s cabinet position tease and hopeful boost to Bolling’s retirement benefits may just keep the Lt. Gov. out of the race:

“Bill Bolling’s Motives”

Richmond Times Dispatch (March 11, 2013): Wilson, widely held as the progressive Dem was in fact regressive on the issue of race:

“Guest column: Woodrow Wilson, segregationist bigot”

The Hill (March 11, 2013): Nobody wants to hear of taxes – rich or poor:

“Opinion: Too much talk of taxing”

Politico (March 11, 2013): Both parties suffer a critical elitist problem in claiming to solve the average American’s problems better than she does:

“Scrubbing elitism from the GOP brand”

Washington Post (March 8, 2013): Writing on the walls reflect Bob McDonnell self-defeat in 2016:

“2016 Watch: Tea party group airs ad attacking McDonnell, in Iowa”

Politico (March 8, 2013): 2016 GOP candidates will need elements of electability and populism:

“The GOP’s best choices for 2016”

Time (March 8, 2013):@Time explains why many Americans feel like they’re getting poorer:

“Why Many Americans Feel Like They’re Getting Poorer”

New York Post (March 8, 2013): @SenRandPaul teaches America 101 with his momentous filibuster mounted Wednesday night:

“The new GOP generation stands up”

Politic365 (March 7, 2013): GWBush and Clinton lead Obama in African American cabinet picks. Does Obama’s cabinet look like America, as Clinton envisioned his? http://bit.ly/ZrH237

“Bush, Clinton Still Lead President Obama in Black Cabinet Picks”

USA TODAY (March 7, 2013): States with more gun laws have fewer gun-related deaths: http://usat.ly/YdYJRr

“Study: States with more gun laws have less gun violence”

National Review (March 7, 2013): @SenRandPaul has independently shifted the nation’s political discourse to an important issue – the role of our nation’s government: http://bit.ly/XTlSM0

“Stand with Rand”

Real Clear Politics (March 7, 2013): 2016 Dem contenders – likely not to wait around for HR Clinton: http://bit.ly/XXx0oY

“2016 Democratic Field May Not Wait for Clinton”

The Washington Post (March 6, 2013): Largest tax increase in VA history result in Bob McDonnell not invited back to speak at CPAC?:

“Bob McDonnell invited to speak at CPAC?”

Fox News (March 6, 2013): Obama and the government that can’t seem to do anything at all to better the state of the budget:

“Obama Falls Farther Behind in Spending Fight”

Politico (March 6, 2013): @Politico Dems worry – Did President Obama cry Wolf:

“Now Dems worry: Did President Obama cry wolf?”

The Examiner (March 6, 2013): Brennan’s nomination jeopardized by Rand Paul and “Alice in Wonderland”:

“Citing ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ Rand Paul launches filibuster: ‘I will speak until I can no longer speak’

Market Place (March 5, 2013):McDonnell: Sequester is a bipartisan failure:

“Sequester a ‘bipartisan failure’, says Virginia’s Governor”

New York Post (March 5, 2013): The American economy is broken…and the sequester is just the beginning:

“After 5 days, you say sequester, I say siesta”

Politico (March 5, 2013): Obama’s job approval falls to lowest level since reelection:

“Obama job approval tumbles”

Reuters (March 5, 2013): Rodman quite the diplomat… Kerry thinks otherwise:

“Kerry dismisses basketball star’s North Korea visit”

The Washington Post (March 4, 2013): Recent study of 43 KIPP middle schools reflects promising data for the fast-growing charter-school network:

“KIPP doubters proven wrong”

The Washington Post (March 4, 2013): Woodward debacle a sign of over contempt for the messenger and a gradual slide toward state media?:

“Why the ‘threat’ on Bob Woodward matters”

USA TODAY (March 4, 2013): Doctors make a medical breakthrough – with first cure of HIV in a child:

“Doctors report first cure of HIV in a child”

The Washington Post (March 4, 2013): Here in the Commonwealth, a Republican identity crisis:

“After roads deal, Virginia Gov. McDonnell faces Republican identity crisis”

Politico (March 1, 2013): One word definition of politics: Money… and its great effect on 2013 battles:

“The Scrum: Politico Cash and 2013”

Real Clear Politics (March 1, 2013): Cato: Cronyism is partly to blame for growth in the one percent and downsizing among the rest:

“Jack Lew and Citigroup: How the Corrupt Rich Get Richer with Cronyism”

Business Insider (March 1, 2013): Largest tax hike in the history of Virginia equate to a dislike for both political parties?:

“Bob McDonnell’s New Virginia Tax Hikes Are Exactly Why Americans Hate Both Political Parties”

Mother Jones (March 1, 2013): Mother Jones poses the question, SCOTUS poised to declare racism over?:

“Supreme Court Poised to Declare Racism Over”

Huffington Post (February 27, 2013): SCOTUS weighs progress in civil rights against the need to continue to protect minority voters:

“Voting Rights Act Heads Before Supreme Court in Shelby Case”

Guardian (February 27, 2013): Hope for the GOP to gain the lost young voters?:

“Has the Republican party lost young voters for good?”

Politico (February 27, 2013): More than half of Americans think sequestration is a bad idea, despite wanting a reduction in the deficit:

“Poll: Most think sequester ‘bad idea’”

USA TODAY (February 27, 2013): Political forces drive firearms manufacturing, sales, and jobs:

“Firearms debate: Meet the gunmakers”

Politico (February 26, 2013): Some look beyond Cuccinelli and McAuliffe for a credible candidate that can better serve the business community:

“Business leaders seek savior in Virginia governor’s race”

The Wall Street Journal (February 26, 2013): China’s economy: “unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated, and unsustainable?”:

“China has its own debt bomb”

Real Clear Politics (February 26, 2013): FLOTUS Oscar appearance fuels speculation regarding her future plans:

“First Lady’s Oscar Night Role: Prelude to a Bigger One?”

USA TODAY (February 26, 2013): Obama heads to the Commonwealth in hopes to garner support for a compromise to avert the sequester:

“Obama’s day: Sequester in the Virginia Shipyards”

The Washington Post (February 25, 2013): The national debt is bigger than we may want to believe:

“The true national debt”

Politico (February 25, 2013): Best political strategy: For the next GOP nominee to come from “outside” the Beltway:

“GOP 2016: Governors vs. D.C. insiders”

Real Clear Politics (February 25, 2013): Political fear giving way to a fierce determination to legislate on guns?:

“The Miracle on Guns”

National Journal (February 25, 2013): Bolling and McAuliffe support transportation bill – while Cuccinelli contends the bill contemplates major tax increases:

“Cuccinelli Sides Against McDonnell Again on Transportation”

USA Today (February 22, 2013): NRA begins to develop best practices for school safety:

“NRA developing ‘best practices’ for school safety”

The Daily Beast (February 22, 2013): The Pearl Harbor this country is not ready for – Cyber Warfare:

“U.S. Not Ready for Cyberwar Hostile Hackers Could Launch”

Real Clear Politics (February 22, 2013): Texas to begin to have a blue hue? – Dems hope to mess with Texas in 2016:

“Can Democrats Mess with Texas in 2016”

MSNBC (February 22, 2013): Lt. Gov. Bolling has the potential to rip his own party in 2013:

“Virginia Lt. Gov. Bolling rips his own party”

I am going to be on PBS tomorrow from 9-10 a.m. with May Lilly-Lee (Virginia Conversations).

New Jersey (February 21, 2013): Black History Month: A time to remember hard truths but also a time to see the advancement of a nation:

“Black History Month: A time to remember hard truths”

Politico (February 21, 2013): McAuliffe and Cuccinelli are dead even in recent polling with the looming threat of Bolling and the immense lot of undecided voters:

“Terry McAuliffe, Ken Cuccinelli in dead heat in Virginia”

Real Clear Politics (February 21, 2013): The GOP just not hip enough or their ideology not resonating with the people?:

“Why the ‘Hip’ Young Republicans Can’t Change Their Party (or Themselves)”

Politico (February 20, 2013): In a 2016 matchup, HR Clinton edges Christie by 4 points in the Garden State:

“New Jersey Poll: Hillary Clinton edges out Chris Christie”

The American Prospect (February 20, 2013): Aggressive liberalism good politics? The beliefs appear to be ascendant:

“The New Liberals”

The Washington Post (February 20, 2013): With fastest run-up since 2005, people suffer at the pump:

“Gas prices are on a mysterious climb”

The New York Times (February 20, 2013): SCOTUS agrees to hear a challenge to federal campaign contribution limits:

“Justices Take Case on Overall Limit to Political Donations”

Salon (February 19, 2013): A fissure party likely to strike deals with the president to further his agenda?:

“Obama’s ’14 toolkit”

USA TODAY (February 19, 2013): GOP’s chances of winning the WH are linked closely with Christie not Rubio:

“Wickham: Chris Christie, not Rubio, best man in 2016”

FoxNews (February 19, 2013): States pushback to keep feds out of state gun markets:

“Push to keep feds out of state fun markets gains momentum”

The Wall Street Journal (February 19, 2013): Coolidge too indicated that making government smaller and lowering taxes can yield prosperity:

“Amity Shlaes: The Coolidge Lesson on Taxes and Spending”

Politico (February 18, 2013): House Republicans admit if they spend the next two years like the past two, they’ll become irrelevant :

“Behind closed doors, GOP tries to find its way”

ABC News (February 18, 2013): Bipartisan views are shared on the legacy and great moments of our past presidents:

“Presidents Day: Bipartisan Views on Greatness”

Richmond Times-Dispatch (February 18, 2013): Firearms background checks result in over 54k denials since 1989 in VA:

“Background Checks in VA”

CBS News (February 18, 2013): After 148 years, Mississippi officially becomes the last state to ratify the 13th Amendment:

“After 148 years, Mississippi finally ratifies 13th Amendment, which banned slavery”

Politico (February 14, 2013): State of the Union address was lowest-rated since 2000:

“Obama’s State of the Union lowest-rated since 2000”

CNN (February 14, 2013): Rand Paul responds to Obama with, “America needs Adam Smith not Robin Hood”:

“Obama’s ‘do-something’ plan for a ‘have-nothing’ government”

Las Vegas Review-Journal (February 14, 2013): Obama’s command-and-control agenda to cripple job creation?:

“What about jobs?”

Fox News (February 14, 2013): Top picks for 2016 are both women- HR Clinton and Condoleezza Rice:

“Fox News Poll: Hillary Clinton and Rice top picks of who would make ‘a good president’”

Los Angeles Times (February 13, 2013): Obama calls to increase federal minimum wage a- s 19 states and DC exceed the federal level:

“Obama’s minimum-wage plan highlights wage differences in states”

National Review Online (February 13, 2013): State of the Union speech Obama boilerplate to many:

“Déjà Vu — You Think?”

Reuters (February 13, 2013): Alito, Thomas, Scalia no-shows for the politically charged rhetoric:

“Alito again absent from Obama’s State of the Union speech”

Politico (February 13, 2013): Rubio’s proposals read from the Romney 2012 campaign agenda? WH seems to believe so:

“W.H.: Rubio response ‘could have been delivered by Gov. Romney’”

Will be on Your World w/ Cavuto today at the 4 o’clock hour – tune in!

USA TODAY (February 12, 2013):USA TODAY: # of African-American children killed by gunfire is a pandemic:

“Wickham: Gun violence threatens young blacks”

CNN (February 12, 2013): With millions of Americans struggling to find a job and economic challenges growing – Obama prepares to respond to all of America:

“Obama, think big for State of the Union”

FOX NEWS (February 12, 2013): Tonight, Americans await for Obama’s vision for the next four years – and the legacy he hopes to leave behind:

“The Obama legacy – it doesn’t look promising”

Politico (February 12, 2013) Obama announces a 34,000 troop withdrawal from Afghanistan but leaves the next step unanswered:

“Obama’s troop withdrawal leaves unanswered questions”

Yahoo News (February 11, 2013): Victims of tragedy will gather tomorrow night as the President delivers his State of the Union address:

“Gun victims’ relatives emerge as advocates”

Politico (February 11, 2013): Cuccinelli points to McAuliffe for the creation of jobs in Mississippi that could have been created here in the Commonwealth:

“Ken Cuccinelli hits Terry McAuliffe on business move”

The Washington Post (February 11, 2013): Lawrence Summers: “A broader growth-centered agenda is needed to propel the economy to its escape velocity.”:

“The growth agenda we need”

NBC News (February 11, 2013): Americans will comprise nearly 10 percent of the conclave:

“US will have unprecedented voice in electing new pope”

The Guardian (February 7, 2013): Gun sales soar to unprecedented numbers and background checks reaching record levels:

“Record number of Americans buying guns, new FBI figures show”

Chicago Tribune (February 7, 2013): USPS Saturday mail service to come to an end:

“Post office to end Saturday mail service”

Real Clear Politics (February 7, 2013): Republicans rebrand and rethink with a quiet revolution in Washington:

“GOP: Rebranding vs. Rethinking”

Politico (February 7, 2013): Quinnipiac University survey indicates American votes support women serving in combat 75-22 percent:

“Poll: 75 percent for women in combat”

Washington Post (February 5, 2013): Proposal for the Commonwealth to adopt is own currency passed the state House of Delegates:

“Virginia coin moves closer to reality”

Yahoo News (February 5, 2013): Obama calls for short-term spending cuts and tax reform to avoid sequester:

“Obama requests short-term budget fix to avoid sequester”

Roll Call (February 5, 2013): Dems to beat the odds again for retaining the U.S. Senate?:

“Rothenberg: Obama Looms Large Over Democrats”

Politico (February 5, 2013): Bill Clinton discusses why he signed the family and medical leave act:

“Bill Clinton: Why I signed the Family and Medical Leave Act”

My challenge and our responsibility as Americans was shared with the bright minds that comprise the UCM family: http://bit.ly/UGcJ9n

The Washington Post (January 31, 2013): Political quandary for the VA GOP may be resolved from the support of at least two black House Dems:

“Black delegates tempted by Virginia GOP’s Senate map”

Politico (January 31, 2013): Fisherman always sees a fisherman from afar – the fishermen? DC GOP and GOP here in the Commonwealth :

“The GOP’s Virginia problem”

The New York Times (January 31, 2013): Now may be the juncture for real change to be effected as the Dem’s political influence has grown and with widespread support:

“Political Power Needs to Be Used”

Politico (January 30, 2013): McAuliffe hires top strategist for the nine month general election race:

“McAuliffe hires top strategists”

The Week (January 30, 2013): Kerry will face the ghost of HR Clinton during his time as the Secretary of State:

“Can John Kerry top Hillary Clinton as secretary of state?”

National Journal (January 30, 2013): The GOP would be wise to look beyond the here and now:

“A Little Sensitivity Training Could Go a Long Way for the GOP”

Real Clear Politics (January 30, 2013): RCP: The Republicans need to rethink their product line:

“Republicans Need to Rethink Their Product Line”

Thoroughly enjoyed my time speaking at UCM – by being a part of awarding the scholarships to 14 outstanding students with very bright futures: http://bit.ly/WyiILX

I am very honored and delighted to have been chosen as one of Politic365’s game changers: http://bit.ly/WsRCYK

Real Clear Politics (January 28, 2013): Obama turns his attention to 2014 and ultimately his legacy:

“Obama’s Eyes Are on 2014 — and Then His Legacy”

The Washington Post (January 28, 2013): Republicans continue to try to answer “How?” they were defeated in 2012:

“Republicans look to their bench for 2016”

Politico (January 25, 2013): Obama’s approval gap amongst Dems and Republicans is 76 points:

“Poll: Barack Obama as polarizing as George W. Bush”

Salon (January 25, 2013): As technologies progress, a new conversation on addressing gun control is needed:

“Will computers kill gun control?

The Wall Street Journal (January 25, 2013): The discussion on America’s entitlement programs is far from over despite sentiments espoused by Obama:

“Nicholas Eberstadt: Yes, Mr. President, We Are a Nation of Takers”

Colbert Report (January 25, 2013): Purebred Republicans deemed Colbert Alpha Dogs – for their attempt to redistrict in their great favor:

“Alpha Dog of the Week – Virginia State Senate Republicans”

Politico (January 22, 2013): Obama’s lack of diverse appointees results in a recommendation from NAACP President:

“NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous: Pick black female justice”

Fox News (January 22, 2013): In the inaugural address, Obama indicates he would be the president he promised to be:

“Emboldened Obama Sets Stage for Nasty Fights Ahead”

NBC (January 22, 2013): Biden continues to not hide his interest for a possible run in 2016:

“Biden not shying away from 2016 speculation”

CNN (January 22, 2013): Inaugural remarks receive harsh criticisms from the right:

“After inauguration, political reality returns to Washington”

Politico (January 17, 2013): More than 6 out of 10 Americans don’t want Roe v. Wade completely overturned:

“Abortion poll: Keep Roe v. Wade”

The New Republic (January 17, 2013): The New Republic: After all, it is not a fever – how Obama can break the House Republicans:

“It’s Not a Fever! How Obama Can Break the House Republicans”

The Guardian (January 17, 2013): After years of silence, a president takes intervention on the issue of gun control:

“Obama’s show of leadership on gun control was show – but very necessary”

The Daily Beast (January 17, 2013): New poll shows HR Clinton the prohibitive front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination:

“Hillary Clinton 2016? Women Look Ahead To ‘History In the Making’”

Politico (January 16, 2013): Cuccinelli’s new book is likely to drum up support from the base but may also provide unintended consequences from his opposition in 2013:

“Ken Cuccinelli book could be Virginia campaign factor”

The New York Times (January 16, 2013): Friedman, “Is the absence of growth delivering political paralysis, and that political paralysis preserving the absence of growth?”:

“Obama’s 1-2 Punch?”

Commentary Magazine (January 16, 2013): Leading writers and thinkers answer the question, “What is the future of conservatism?”:

“What Is the Future of Conservatism?”

USA TODAY (January 16, 2013): Debt up about 60% since Obama took office – a blemish on Obama’s record that must not go unnoticed:

“Column: Obama owns the debt now”

Huffington Post (January 15, 2013): ‘Everybody Can Be Great, Because Anybody Can Serve’ is the defining quote in today’s community service movement:

“’Everybody Can Be Great, Because Anybody Can Serve’”

Politico (January 15, 2013): Obama plans to announce gun violence proposals tomorrow:

“Obama to announce gun plans Wednesday”

National Review (January 15, 2013): Policies of the Obama administration endangering the future of the younger demographic?:

“Pity the Young”

USA TODAY (January 15, 2013): USA TODAY investigates how presidents who won election to the WH twice fared in their second term:


Forbes (January 14, 2013): Many concerned that a warrior who despises war might end up running the Pentagon:

“The Dishonorable Smear Of Chuck Hagel: A Warrior Who Despises War”

Politico (January 14, 2013): Gallup survey reflects a growing interest in stricter gun control laws:

“Poll: More want stronger gun laws”

Real Clear Politics (January 14, 2013): Obama constructing the political foundation for a Biden 2016 bid for the presidency?:

“Obama Is Boosting Biden’s 2016 Prospects”

The Washington Post (January 14, 2013): Jay Rockefeller’s retirement marks another in a series of departures of lions from the Senate:

“Senate is losing its lions”

NBC NEWS (January 11, 2013): In just one week President Obama’s agenda for his second term comes into focus:

“First Thoughts: What we learned this week”

ABC NEWS (January 11, 2013): No word from Biden on an assault weapons ban – but no complete rejection of the idea has been made by the WH:

“Will White House Push for Assault Weapons Ban?”

Politico (January 11, 2013): Quinnipiac University poll indicates VA voters strongly favor an armed officer at every school:

“Virginia poll: Armed school guards wanted”

The Examiner (January 11, 2013): Defense cuts over the next decade will be considered “big money” – ranging between $600 billion to $1 trillion:

“Byron York: Defense spending can and should be cut — in the right way”

Huffington Post (January 10, 2013): President hopes to announce next steps to tackle gun violence shortly after inauguration:

“Joe Biden, NRA Meeting On Gun Violence”

The Washington Post (January 10, 2013): Obama’s Afghanistan war plan no longer reflect a “good war”?: