I was recently interviewed by Nick Minock of ABC 7 News to discuss the dire need to increase financial support to our Black Colleges in Virginia.

When I finished high school, I couldn’t go to any other school other than Black schools and that was Virginia Union, Virginia State, and or Hampton, and if it weren’t for the existence of these Historically Black Colleges and Universities, I wouldn’t be here today sharing my perspectives.

I invite you to view this ABC 7 interview and share it widely.

The people—all the people—still depend on these universities today. These schools were never funded adequately and they are still not being funded adequately today. It is racial discrimination, pure and simple. It is shocking that this is still the case, but it is not surprising.

Things do not change automatically. Things only change when they are forced to be changed.

This is why we must collectively demand of our leaders that they dramatically increase financial support to HBCUs in Virginia. We must correct this injustice. No other outcome is acceptable.

If not, why not? What excuse can be offered? If not now, when?

Stay tuned.

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