Recently I was honored by Virginia Union University, my alma mater, by their naming the annual Gold Bowl (Virginia State vs. Virginia Union University) in my honor. Interacting with alumni, friends and attendees was both humbling and inspiring for me.

They reminded me of our encounters, our “roots” and kindred experiences.

In listening to the students, participants and the players themselves, I was encouraged to learn of their high aspirations and accomplishments.

Knowing of the stalwart cadre of graduates from both schools, it renewed my determination to see Virginia fulfill its overdue obligation to properly fund its historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) without further and unnecessary delay.

NO excuses should be tolerated.

To have been designated private institutions solely for racial segregation and now using that false premise as justification for further inequality is seen for what it truly represents.

The education pie needs another hand on the knife that cuts it.

Stay tuned.

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