Wilder 30th

There are many things that MUST be acknowledged, addressed, and improved upon in Virginia. The voters are looking for leadership to address those issues.

What is your record and what do you propose to do? The voters are entitled to know, in plain talk.

How are your positions an improvement compared to what we currently have?

The election in Virginia, one of only two in the nation, after the Trump presidency, may be foretelling. Has this Democrat administration, shown responsive, reliable, and transparent leadership?

Was it necessary to call upon a return of the previous leadership (minus one) to provide best government services for Virginians?

Will the Republican candidates show how voting for them would be an improvement in services in Virginia?

Do Democrats really believe that the people will be satisfied with negative ads and little more than anti-Trump rhetoric?

I think it’s important to bring people together, bridging racial and/or partisan divide. In recognizing the need for improvements, these issues stand out:

  1. The handling of the pandemic and addressing its effects relative to affordable healthcare, mental health, and employment.
  2. Who is addressing the enduring racial inequities in education, at all levels?
  3. Who is presenting comprehensive (state & local) plans for infrastructure improvement?
  4. Who has specific plans for improvement in the criminal justice system, parole board, employment commission, public safety and dealing with increases in crime, etc.?
  5. How can realistic voting rights be protected and improved?

These are a few of the issues for which voters want specific answers. All too often, what they get is something different. Will it be the same this time around? l would not take any voter, nor group of voters for granted.

Stay tuned.

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