Wilder Speaking to Group

A recent bill introduced by Delegate Mark Keam of Fairfax, Va. accentuates the absence of leadership in the appointment and performance of those responsible at board levels in higher education.

A College Board Assessment Report, which evaluates Virginia’s Colleges and University’s governing boards relevant to transparent and accountable decision making, bore out what the people had been saying for decades.

It showed these boards are not approachable, by students, parents, etc., displays little empathy, and concern, and perform primarily at the bidding of the presidents.

In addition to seeing this worthy legislation enacted, we must go further.

The Governor of Va. has the SOLE and ultimate authority to appoint those serving in these capacities, seeking input from the people, alumni, etc., to have a representative candidate field.

This should not be the “President’s Choice”, as is currently the practice at some, if not most schools.

When examples of racism, 150% turnover in black faculty, declining recruitment and enrollment of black students is acknowledged by some of our state schools, the question pertains as to why it has been continued and allowed by the governing authorities.

You don’t need expensive and delaying studies before corrective action is taken.

I plan to inquire of ALL of the candidates for governor, from both parties, their intentions on the subject, with their responses made available to the public. There is no excuse for the continuing of this practice, in any instance.

Stay Tuned.

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