Wilder 30th

MLK died for believing that no one should be denied an opportunity because of the color of their skin, or just being taken for granted.

Our state constitution prohibits Governors from succeeding themselves.

There is good reason for this, as the appointment powers of Virginia’s Governor are second to none in the nation.

Terry McAuliffe is the ONLY democrat seeking to come back, staying out one term.

This could lead to leapfrogging. Stay out one term, come back for another. Sharing the perks of power from one administration to another; different heads, same people in power. It’s reminiscent of the Byrd Machine that ruled Virginia’s inglorious past.

On the celebration of King’s holiday, McAuliffe wrote “As Governor that means tackling the systemic racial inequities that have resulted in continuing disparities for Virginians of color in education, the economy, health care, housing, and our criminal justice system. Virginia’s next Governor must tackle these inequities head on with bold, progressive policies….”

He also pledged to address other things.

McAuliffe had never been elected to ANY office, nor even resided in Virginia, for any appreciable time, yet asked the people to give him a chance. They did so, twice.

Does he extend that to the candidates currently running, all minorities, giving them a chance?

Is he saying the current Governor has not met his metric of obligation, and he will improve upon it?

Has he laid out what he’s done when he was in office to do what he says now needs to be done? To say this on King’s day is puzzling. Yet, I’m reminded of the old adage “What you do speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you say.”

It is a continuing struggle and King’s words are not understood, by far too many.

Stay tuned.

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