Wilder 30th
My prescription for the GOP could as easily apply to either party.
The resistance by many elected officials to reach out and work with one another on the “people’s issues” has dampened citizens’ faith in the political process. Giving people a “fair shake” on jobs, assistance, education, and the other aspects of life that matter in our communities is the only way to restore faith in the process and promote a robust polity.
Healthy communities can only come from strong, healthy leadership, and if we are to have it, we must excise that which does not serve the people.
Worse, yet, these failures have contributed to feverish political rancor, even as politicians decry the divisiveness of “the other side”. As Governor, I was able to work with leaders in both parties to get things done. Some say that era of civility and bipartisanship is over, but it does not have to be, if we have true leaders willing to put the people first.
Stay tuned.
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